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First clinical results after LASIK procedure with a new Microskan Visum 500 Hz excimer laser (Optosystem, Russia) connected to Visionix wave front aberrometry L 180 (Luneau, France)

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First Author: DimitriiDementiev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    Maria Sysoeva   Anna Shipunova           

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Evaluated short term refractive results after LASIK and PRK procedure performed with new Microskan Visun 500 Hz excimer laser, using L 180 Wave Visionix aberrometry in comparison of the same procedure excluding aberometery exams download in laser surgical map calculation.


: International Center for Ophthalmology . Moscow, Russia


Study included 19 eyes of 10 patients, 18 eyes with myopia, 1 eye with hyperopia and astigmatism. 18 eyes have undergone LASIK procedure, assisted with Morea microkerotome with flap creation of 100 mk thickness. 1 pseudofakic eye with hyperopia undergone PRK. Average patient’s age was 36 y.o. All the patients had undergone standard preoperative examination: UCVA,BUCVA, autorefractometry, IOP measuraments , keratotopography optical pachimetry, AXL length measurement by IOL-master, pupil size measurement in light and dark condition. Additionally the aberrometry with Visionix L 180 Wave Front was performed in all the eyes . Platoscane - special device was used to transform wave front from aberrometer ( Zernike polynoms ) to surgery calculated map . Surgery map of 6 eyes (3 patient) was calculated without use of aberrometry data.


All patients improved UDVA. 8 patients ( 16 eyes )with myopia and astigmatism achieved resistant post op UDVA 1.0-1.2 from one day to four months. One eye with hyperopia recieved UCDA 0.7. One patient 45 y.o (one eye ), who was calculated not using aberrometry, achieved residual myopia -1.0 D, but excellent UCVA for near distance .


1.Microskan Visum 500 Hz excimer laser and L 180 Wave ( Visionix Luneau) aberrometry showed high results of UDVA , efficacy, safety, predictability and stability of refractive results. 2.Using new Microskan Visum (Optosystem,Russia) 500 Hz excimer laser connected to L 180 Wave Visionix ( Luneau France) aberrometer with Platoscane we achieved high accuracy of calculations as compared with manual calculation. FINANCIAL INTEREST: ... research is funded, fully or partially, by a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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