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Indications for aphakic iris fixation IOL

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First Author: CamilleBudo BELGIUM

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To discuss the use of the irisfixation IOL in aphakic eyes. There are several indications possible post trauma or unusual situations (Marfan, deformed iris, uncomplete aniridia, congenital cataract), peroperatively (cataract surgery with capsular tear where both in-the-bag and sulcus position are compromised) or postoperatively (piggy-back solution of undercorrecting IOL).


: Polikliniek Oogheelkunde Sint-Truiden, satelite practice of Academic Clinic Maastricht, Ophthalmology


We studied all our cases in our 25 years of experience where an aphakic irisfixation lens was used and what result was obtained.


In cases where the aphakic irisfixation IOL was used after capsular rupture the patients rarely complain and obtain good vision. In cases where there is a combination of iris repair and aphakic irisfixation IOL, results are good and patient are very, sometimes even extremely, satisfied.


The aphakic irisfixation IOL is an excellent solution for unusual cases and for rare and challenging cases. The results obtained were excellent and patients very satisfied. FINANCIAL INTEREST: ... receives consulting fees, retainer, or contract payments from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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