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Serum omentin levels in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome

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First Author: Yasin YucelBucak TURKEY

Co Author(s):    Mehmet Tosun   Hüseyin Simavlı   Mesut Erdurmuş   Halil İbrahim Önder     

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Omentin, a member of the adipocytokines family, is derived from adipose tissue and a lower level of serum omentin is considered as a metabolic risk factor. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the serum levels of omentin in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PES).


: Ophthalmology Clinic, Bolu State Hospital; Bolu, Turkey


Patients without any systemic or ocular disease other than PES were included in the study. Age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers without PES were accepted as a control group. After detailed ophthalmologic examination, blood samples were obtained from a forearm vein. Serum levels of omentin were determined by the method of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.


The mean age of the PES group (12 female, 12 male, n=24) was 75.2±8.4 years, and the control group (10 female, 10 male, n=20) was 75±6.7 years. There was no difference between the groups in terms of age (p=0.93) and sex (p=0.9). The mean serum levels of omentin in the PES group were 801.5±317.1 ng/ml and in the control group were 1150.1±584.1 ng/ml. The mean serum omentin levels were significantly lower in patients with PES (p=0.016).


Lower levels of serum omentin in patients with PES compared to healthy subjects may support the theory of systemic nature of the disease. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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