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Fourier-domain anterior segment OCT imaging for children: a case report

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First Author: AngelaTurtoro ITALY

Co Author(s):    Michele Fortunato              

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To describe considerations and methods to improve the use of Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-FD-OCT) imaging of children’s eyes with Dysgenesis of the anterior chamber.


: Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital Rome


Both eyes of a two year old child with preterm retinopathy (stage 4) and cataracts were studied before and after surgery. The use the FD-OCT in the operating room permitted the studying of the anterior angle along the 4 cardinal points. It was open only in the inferior-temporal quadrant. The inferior-temporal surgical approach allowed the anterior chamber to be reformed and permitted a Lensectomy without bleeding, as demonstrated in the post-surgery by using the OCT.


Presently, this child has a good intraocular pressure and the anterior angle is now open


The Anterior Segment OCT provides much detailed information in quantity and quality, in both children and adults. Its use in the operating room gave excellent results as demonstrated in this surgical case FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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