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Outcomes of autologous serum eyedrops in the treatment of severe ocular surface disorders

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First Author: TulayAlpar Akcetin TURKEY

Co Author(s):    Nurhan Dincer   Kadir Eltutar           

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To evaluate the effectiveness of autologous serum eye drops in conventional treatment-resistant severe ocular surface diseases


: Istanbul Education and Research Hospital Eye Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey


In the Eye Clinic of the Istanbul Education and Research Hospital, 20 eyes of 16 patients who developed ocular surface disease due to various reasons and failed to respond to conventional treatment, were included in the study. Female / Male : 6/10, mean age 56.36 ± 23.11. Stories of the patients and the use of systemic and ocular disease drugs were examined in detail. Epithelial changes, fluorescein staining and tear break-up time in clinical examination were evaluated.


The etiological factors are examined; neurotrophic keratitis in 5 patients, severe dry eye syndrome in 4 patients, post-traumatic persistent corneal epithelial defect in 3 patients, recurrent corneal erosion in 1 patient, corneal alkali burn in 1 patient, corneal ulcus which developed after vitrectomy in 2 patients. 30% autologous serum eye drops were applied to patients 6 times a day. Subjective symptom scores, corneal fluorescein staining and tear break-up time were evaluated before the application of the treatment and at the 7th day, 15th day and 1st month after the treatment. A significant improvement was observed in symptoms of patients, fluorescein staining and tear break-up time beginning with the second week of treatment.


In conventional treatment-resistant ocular surface diseases, autologous serum eye drops were considered as a safe and effective treatment option. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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