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Hypermature white cataract with capsular glaucoma in patients with diabetes

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First Author: DraganVeselinovic SERBIA

Co Author(s):    Aleksandar Veselinovic   Marija Cvetanovic   Kristina Stojanovic   Marija Trenkic-Bozinovic     

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Hypermature white cataracts are challenging due to potential hidden complications during ultrasound cataract surgery. Capsular glaucoma caused by pseudoexfoliation syndrome and associated with cataract requires an experienced and cautious surgeon due to potential complications regarding dilation of the pupil, performance of capsulorehexis and weakness in lens zonulae. When a patient presents with aforementioned lens characteristics accompanied with unregulated diabetes, the surgeon has to make sure the patient is well prepared, has to use all his/her knowledge and experience and has to be ready to face all possible complications.


: Eye clinic Nis


This paper deals with the necessity to appropriately prepare patients with diabetes accompanied by pseudoexfoliation syndrome and hypermature white cataract, to avoid intra and postoperative complications.


A patient case study is presented, along with the comments about different stages of ultrasound surgery, proposed appropriate procedures and surgery techniques applications.


It is essential that surgeons have a sound understanding of the principles and rules regarding cataract surgery in patients at risk, like these ones, to prevent complications that may be expected. When excellent postoperative visual outcomes are achieved, both the surgeon and the patient feel great pleasure and happiness. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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