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Treatment of posterior lenticonus, high indexial myopia and severe ambliopia: case report

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First Author: AlketaTandili ALBANIA

Co Author(s):    Arjeta Grezda              

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To report a case diagnosed with posterior lenticonus, high indexical myopia and severe amblyopia treated surgically in UHC “mother Theresa” Eye Clinic.


: Eye Clinic. UHC ""Mother Theresa"" Tirana


Patient E. H, 13 years old complained about blurred vision in Right eye. Objective examination showed: RE: VA –hand movement which could not be corrected. His cycloplegic refraction measurement showed Sph -20.0 Dp/ , cyl-1.75Dp/x 175. The anterior segment exam showed no abnormality. His lens showed a very dense subcapsular opacification- mushroom shaped. The dilated fundus examination was unremarkable. The measurement of the eye length showed a normal axial length and a B –Scan exam showed a posterior lenticonus. LE: Sanus We treated the patient surgically. We did a hydrodelineation of the lens in order to preserve the cortex aspiration to the end of the procedure, kept posterior capsule intact during the I/A and implanted “in the bag” a three pieces lens of 14 Dp.


We followed the patient for a year and evaluated his vision. After surgery his dilated refraction was sph +1 .0Dp /cyl -1.25Dp/x 170. We prescribed glasses and patching 6 hours per day for 1 month and instructed parents how to patch and why. One month after surgery his BCVA was 0.3. Three month after surgery his BCVA was 0.4- 0.5. One year after surgery his BCVA still remained at 0.4-0.5.


Treatment of the patients having posterior lenticonus, high indexial myopia and severe ambliopia it is very difficult and complex since include a surgical procedure, a postoperative refractive correction and a very difficult and persistent work againts ambliopia. This treatment requires the participation of the parents in order to complete the full treatment. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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