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First results of implantation bioanalogic intraocular lens in cataract and presbyopic patients

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First Author: EwaMrukwa-Kominek POLAND

Co Author(s):    Lukasz Cwalina   Monika Sarnat           

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To evaluate visual performance after implantation of bioanalogic intraocular lens (WIOL-CF) in both eyes of the same patient


: Department of Ophthalmology, Silesian University of Medicine, Katowice, Poland


A prospective, case study comprised 30 eyes of 15 patients treated due to presbyopia or cataract who underwent phacoemulsification followed by WIOL-CF implantation. Mean follow-up was 6 months in all eyes. The evaluation included uncorrected and best-corrected visual acuity for distance, intermediate and near vision, subjective refraction, glare and halos rate, and overall satisfaction of the procedure


Mean postoperative results of UCVA for distance was 1,1 (decimal) and 90% better than 0,9 . Mean bilateral near UCVA was J2,6 and BCNVA J1,6. Mild undisturbing glare and halo were reported by 13% of patients and no severe, disturbing was reported. Spectacle independence on near was achieved in 93% of patients, 100% were satisfied with achieved postoperative results


Our study shows that new project of polyfocal, bioanalogic intraocular lens is interesting option for patients who wants to be totally independent of glasses after cataract surgery. Further studies are needed to assess potential superiority of WIOL-CF implantation over other models of multifocal or accommodative intraocular lenses FINANCIAL INTEREST: ... travel has been funded, fully or partially, by a competing company

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