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A report of clinical outcomes of cataract surgery in patients over 90 years old

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First Author: KatarzynaMichalska-Małecka POLAND

Co Author(s):    Piotr Gościniewicz   Mariusz Nowak   Agnieszka Łypaczewska   Dorota Romaniuk     

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The purpose of the study was a retrospective evaluation of efficacy and safety of cataract surgery and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation in patients aged 90 years or more


: Clinical Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital No. 5, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland


In the study 122 eyes of 122 patients (79 females and 43 males aged 90 to 100, mean age 91,22±2,28 years) with senile cataract were included.113 of 122 eyes (92,6%) had phacoemulsification (Phaco) and 9 of 122 eyes (7,4%) had extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE). Visual acuity (VA) and intraocular pressure (IOP) were measured and analysed preoperatively, on the first postoperative day, three months, and six months after surgery. In analysed group 26 of 122 (21,31%) patients had coexistent glaucoma and 54 of 122 (44,26%) patients - degeneration of the central retina (AMD)


The best uncorrected preoperative visual acuity was ≤ 0,1 in 94 of 122 eyes (77,05%), between 0,2 and 0,4 in 24 of 122 eyes (19,67%) and between 0,5 and 0,7 in 4 of 122 eyes (3,28%). Visual acuity after surgery improved in 102 of 122 eyes (84,0%) and remained unchanged in 20 of 122 eyes (16,39%). There was also a statistically significant implication of cataract surgery on IOP decrease in group of patients with glaucoma, which was not found in patients without glaucoma. The most important cause of visual impairment after cataract surgery was macular degeneration which was found in 54 of 122 eyes (44,26%)


Very elderly age is not a contraindication for cataract surgery with IOL implantation. It remains a safe and effective procedure. Visual acuity improvement after cataract surgery in very elderly patients is significant and helps those patients to cope with everyday problems associated with poor visual acuity due to cataract FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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