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First results with Medicontur Biflex 677AB 1,8 hydrophilic aspheric IOL

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First Author: HelenaGerbec SLOVENIA

Co Author(s):    Mojca Hudovernik   Simon Trpin           

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To asses posterior capsular opacification (PCO) rate and/or other late complication rates of the IOL


: Oftamed d.o.o., Ulica MoŇ°a Pijade 21b, Maribor, Slovenia; private practice


A retrospective study. 1189 eyes of 788 patients were implanted with Medicontur Biflex 677AB IOL in the period of 33 months between January 1st 2011 and September 30th by three surgeons. Medical records were retrospectively studied in order to assess the rate of posterior capsule opacification needing yag capsulotomy and/or any other late complications. Excluded for this IOL implantation were only eyes with pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Eyes with BCVA of 0,7 or less and PCO were chosen for yag capsulotomy.


Data were complete for 856 eyes of 642 patients. There were no intraoperative complications. In the early postoperative period there was 1 TASS with favorable outcome. Within the period studied 9 eyes of 5 patients (1%) required yag capsulotomy for posterior capsule opacification. 4 eyes of 4 patients (0,5%) required anterior capsulotomy for capsulorhexis shrinkage. Of these 4 cases 2 eyes had poorly dilating pupil, capsulorhexis has been made too small; 1 occurred without any obvious cause, one occurred after TASS. No IOL dislocations were recorded. No change in IOL material was recorded.


In a relatively short time of 33 months Medicontur Biflex677AB IOL was found to have a low rate of PCO and low rate of other late complications. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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