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Lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion syndrome: how to use the condition

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First Author: AleksandarGakovic SERBIA

Co Author(s):    Selimir Glisic   Igor Kovacevic   Ivan Stefanovic        

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To determine whether core vitrectomy can induce lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion syndrome in patients with cataract and angle closure glaucoma


: Clinic for eye diseases, clinical center of serbia, Belgrade, Serbia


Consecutive cataract patients who had combined cataract surgery and 25 gauge core vitrectomy were assessed. The endpoint was induced lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion syndrome


The videos showed that during the surgery the anterior chamber became extremely deep and the pupil was excessively dilated


The pars plana core vitrectomy combined with cataract surgery can induce a lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion syndrome, and this appeared to be helpful in cases of cataract patients with shallow anerior chambers and narrow pupils, consistent with angle closure glaucoma FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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