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Scleral fixated IOL with coloured iris diaphragm in a patient with traumatic mydriasis and subluxated cataract

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First Author: NataliaBotsevska BULGARIA

Co Author(s):    Borislav Kutchoukov   Ruska Hristova   Nora Velikova   Antoaneta Ianeva     

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To report the result of ICCE and sclerally fixated IOL with brown iris diaphragm in a patient with blunt trauma, traumatic mydriasis and subluxated cataract.


: Interventional case report


A 56-year-old man suffered a blunt trauma and chemical burn, caused by kerosene under high pressure in 2006. A number of plastic surgeries was performed on both eyelids. The posttraumatic reconstruction of the anterior segment included: ICCE of subluxated traumatic cataract with implantation of 311 Aniridia IOL II (Ophtec) with transscleral fixation.


The patient was followed for three months. The postoperative period was without complications, with good cosmetic and acceptable refractive result: VOD=with –1.0 dsph -3.0 dcyl/180 =0.2-0.3.


Artificial iris implants present effective means of psycho-social rehabilitation of patients with ocular trauma and iris defects. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE

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