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Differences in corneal parameters between normal tension glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma

Session Details

Session Title: Cornea

Session Date/Time: Sunday 16/02/2014 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 08:36

Venue: Linhart Hall (Level -2)

First Author: : JackyLee HONG KONG

Co Author(s): :    Raymond Wong   Jonathan Chan   Jimmy Lai        

Abstract Details


The purpose of this study was to identify the differences in corneal parameters between medically treated NTG and POAG subjects.


Department of Ophthalmology, Queen Mary Hospital / The University of Hong Kong


This cross-sectional study from September 2011 to September 2012 included consecutive subjects with POAG and NTG who were receiving topical anti-glaucoma medications at the time of the study. Subjects were excluded if they had pre-existing corneal pathology or scars and previous glaucoma lasers. The following parameters were compared between the NTG and POAG groups: endothelial cell count, central corneal thickness (CCT), spherical equivalent, presenting and current intraocular pressure (IOP), number and type of anti-glaucoma medication, retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) thickness, Visual Field Index, visual acuity, and phakic status


Both the NTG and POAG groups had comparable baseline characteristics, post-treatment IOP, and glaucoma severity. The endothelial cell count was significantly lower in the NTG versus the POAG group (2380±315.4 cells/mm2 versus 2530±320.4 cells/mm2, p = 0.039). There were no significant differences in the spherical equivalent or central corneal thickness between the NTG and POAG groups.


A significantly lower corneal endothelial cell count was found in NTG compared to POAG. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE