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Comparison on LASIK and PRK in moderate myopia

Session Details

Session Title: Refractive

Session Date/Time: Sunday 16/02/2014 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 09:04

Venue: Kosovel Hall (Level -2)

First Author: : MatejaKoncarevic CROATIA

Co Author(s): :    Maja Bohac   Nikica Gabric           

Abstract Details


To compare visual and refractive results of LASIK and transPRK in moderate myopia.


Special Eye Hospital ""Svjetlost"", Zagreb, Croatia; School of Medicine University of Rijeka, Rijeka,Croatia


Retrospective study on 158 eyes (80 patients) who were divided into two equal groups. First group underwent LASIK and second group underwent PRK. Groups were matched by age, gender, sphere and cylinder correction. Preoperative examination and postoperative follow up included measurement of sphere and cylinder refraction, uncorrected (UDVA) and corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) and amount of high order aberration (HOA). The postoperative results at 6 months were compared to baseline values. Student t-test was used for statistical analysis with 5% significance¸.


In both groups there was improvement in UDVA. In LASIK group UDVA was 0,97±0,04 decimal lines (0,9 to 1,0), in transPRK group was 0,92±0,07(0,9 to 1,0) (p< 0,0001). Improvement in CDVA was observed (p=0,02,p=0,03), with no difference between groups (p=0,273).In LASIK group sphere decreased from -4,26±1,56D(-0,75 to -7,25) to 0,07±0,25D (-0,25 to -0,75), cylinder decreased from -0,76±0,56D(-0,25 to -2,50) to -0,06±0,28D (-0,25 to -2,50). In transPRK group sphere decreased from -4,22±1,54D(-1,00 to -7,25 ) to 0,25±0,37D(-0,25 to -1,25 ),cylinder changed from -0,76±0,55D(-0,25 to -2,50) to 0,18±0,36D(-0,25 to -0,75). Preoperatively there was no difference in HOA (p>0,05). In both groups there was significant increase in coma up to 3 months postop (p<0,05), significance disappeared at 6 months (p=0,27,p=0,92). In LASIK group there was significant difference in trefoil at 1 week postop (p<0,001), difference disappeared at the rest of the follow up(p>0,05). In transPRK group there was no significant difference in trefoil(p>0,05) until 3 months postop, trefoil decreased at 6 months(p<0,001). There was no difference in spherical aberration(SA) (p>0,05) in LASIK group during the follow up. In transPRK group there was difference in SA at 1 week postop(p=0,002), the difference disappeared in the rest of the follow up (p>0,05).


LASIK and transPRK showed high safety in correcting moderate myopia. LASIK has faster visual recovery than transPRK which can produce postoperative pain and discomfort. However, at 3 months postoperative there was no difference in visual and refractive results, and amount of high order aberrations between LASIK and transPRK. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE