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Comparability of anterior chamber depth measurements using partial coherence interferometry and optical low-coherence reflectometry in pseudophakic eyes

Session Details

Session Title: Cataract I

Session Date/Time: Friday 14/02/2014 | 10:30-12:30

Paper Time: 10:42

Venue: Kosovel Hall (Level -2)

First Author: : NikolausLuft AUSTRIA

Co Author(s): :    Nino Hirnschall   Maria Weber   Sophie Maedel   Petra Draschl   Oliver Findl  

Abstract Details


To determine agreement between partial coherence inferometry (PCI) and optical low-coherence reflectometry (OLCR) measurements of anterior chamber depth (ACD) in pseudophakic eyes.


VIROS - Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery, a Karl Landsteiner institute, Hanusch Hospital, Vienna, Austria


This prospective study included patients, who underwent uneventful cataract surgery. Optical biometry of the anterior chamber depth (in this study measured as the distance between the corneal endothelium and the anterior surface of the intraocular lens, was measured with PCI technology (ACMaster; Carl Zeiss Meditec, Germany) and OLCR technology (Lenstar LS900; Haag-Streit, Switzerland). All data were exported as optical path lengths and back-calculated regarding to the refractive index.


In total, 60 eyes of 60 patients will be included. Preliminary results of 21 patients showed a mean axial eye length of 23.9mm (SD: 0.9mm). ACD in the PCI and the OLCR group was 4743.3 µm (SD: 585.1) and 4745.1 µm (SD: 586.0), respectively. Median absolute difference was 7.9 µm (range: 0.0 µm to 225.7 µm). This difference was not found to be significant (p=0.435). In 3 cases a difference of more than 100µm was observed.


In general (85% of all cases), the comparability of both devices was excellent. Although the OLCR device allows much faster measurements, the PCI device allows an additional manual detection of peaks. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE