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Frimen Co., Ltd.

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Company contacts: Company Name: Frimen Co., Ltd.

Ophthalmic Forceps, Needle Holder, Scissors, Probes, Hooks, Spatulas, Fixation Instruments, Speculums, VR Instruments, Sterilization Trays. Titanium Ophthalmic Surgical Instrumets, Stainless Steel Ophthalmic Instruments

Titanium Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

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Company contacts: FREY S.J.
ul. Wolodyjowskiego 38
05-502 Piaseczno

Frey S.J. is a manufacturer of ophthalmic and optometric diagnostic devices, especially for early stage glaucoma and retinal disease detection.

Glaucoma, Perimetry, Tonometry, Chart panels, Slit lamp

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Freudenberg Medical

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No product(s)/service information available

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Freedom Ophthalmic

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Multifocal IOL, Hydrophobic IOL, Hydrophilic IOL, PMMA IOL, Capsular Tension Rings, Cionni Rings, ViscoElastics, Tripan Blue ,Carbachol, Surgical Instruments, Titanium Surgical Instruments, Surgical Knives, Fluroscien Strips, Eye Shield and
Veterinary IOL, Injector and Cartridges

Intraocular Lenses- Multifocal, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, PMMA. Capsular Tension Rings

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Company contacts: Frastema S.r.l. / Italy
Mr. Nelson Sonnino /
Tel. +39 340 09 10 198

Company information not available

Ophthalmic equipment, Ophthalmic accessories, Ophthalmic diagnostic aids, Surgical Bed

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Company contacts: FCI S.A.S.
20-22 rue Louis Armand 75015 PARIS - France
Tel.: +33 1 53 98 98 97 / Fax: +33 1 53 98 98 99
Email: / Web:

Oculoplastics : BIKA®, Masterka®, Self-Threading Monoka®, Monoka® and Mini-Monoka® Autostable Intubation Set II ; Nunchaku®, Perforated Plugs, DCR Tubes & Balloon Catheter, Lacorhinostomy Tubes, Painless Plugs®, Preloaded Punctal Plugs, Ptose-Up ®, Ptosis Probes, Eyelid Weights , Eyelid Patches, Bioceramic Orbital Implants, HA Orbital Implants, Silicone Spheres, Conformers, Biopsy Cannulas ; Pess Implant.
Retina : Invitria®, Laser Probes, Laser Illuminations Probes and Fiber Optic Probess, Vitreoretinal Instruments and Accessories, Silicone oils, PFCL ,Self Retaining Silicone Oil Cannulas, Scleral Buckles in Silicone, ePTFE Scleral Buckles, Backflush Handles & Cannulas, Vitrectomy Lenses, Three Mirror Lens, Vitrectomy Kit.

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