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Company contacts: CUTTING EDGE
770, Rue Alfred Nobel – Immeuble le Nobel
34 000 Montpellier
+33 6 38 79 18 59

Cutting Edge builds experienced and dedicated teams to design, prototype and
manufacture high-quality Intraocular Lenses as the new acrylic Monofocal IOL Synthesis®. Cutting Edge' state-of-the-art facility located in Toulouse, France honours the quality and process sophistication of the medical device industry. Cutting Edge's creative Research & Development department is continuously searching for new and innovative products and solutions in the field of eye surgery in conjunction with our network of scientific partners, suppliers, and commercial organization. Cutting Edge provides flexible and agile world-class surgical solutions to serve its worldwide partners. Cutting Edge SAS headquarters are in Montpellier, France.

Acrylic Monofocal IOL (Synthesis), vitreoretinal product, OVDS, Manufacturing services

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CSO Italia

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Company contacts: "C.S.O.
Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici
Via degli Stagnacci 12/e
50018 Scandicci

Tel + 39 055 7221957
Fax + 39 055 721557

Sales office :

Francesco Messano

Nicola Palandri

Luciano Sassano

Product specialists:

Claudio Baglini

Marco D'Aquila

Gabriele Mazzei

"CSO (Italy) is an international leader in ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. SIRIUS device combines a Scheimpflug camera together with advanced Placido topography and pupillometry. This is the new generation of corneal tomography! New LED Elite digital slit lamp with new High-Resolution camera, the new ANTARES Topography System with dry-eye tools, and the Retimax electrophysiology system are shown. OSIRIS new aberrometer is on the booth, with COBRA, an advanced non-midriatic retinal camera with a very affordable price! A new corneal OCT machine is READY!
Refraction unit Future De Luxe is shown, made with new materials and provides the highest standards of functionality and reliability. "

"Refraction Units
Chart Projectors
LED Digital Slit Lamps
Chairs and Tables
Corneal Topographers
Dry-Eye and MGD Tools
Scheimpflug camera
Retinal Camera
Tear-Film Analyzers
Specular Microscopes
Electrophysiology diagnostic System

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CRST Europe/Bryn Mawr Communications

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No product(s)/service information available

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Website address: WWW.CRMI.HK

Company contacts: Shu Ye
Add: Building H, Qianmen East Street No. 23 Courtyard, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 10006, China
E-mail: /

Acornea®, as the substitute of human cornea, can be used in the treatment of several cornea infections, ulcerations and even trauma and small perforation. Acornea is originated from animal cornea, engineered to remove living cells while retaining its corneal matrix. When it is covered on the lesions, it forms a physical coverage, isolation and protection onto wound bed. Meanwhile, it promotes the corneal epithelial regeneration and matrix synthesis. The product will gradually finish the integration process with the remnant corneal tissues, resulting in the corneal restoration in the aspects of structure and function as normal cornea.

Cornea Transplantation, Bioengineering cornea, Acornea® (Acellular Cornea Stroma)

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Company contacts: Contamac
Carlton House, Shire Hill
Saffron Walden, CB11 3AU Essex
+44 (0)1799 514800

IOL materials:
• HI56 - Hydrophobic semi finished IOL technology for a superb Optical Quality.
• CI26 - Firmly established as the leading hydrophilic material for the production of IOLs.
• MICS22 - The next generation of hydrophilic materials customised for MICS IOL's.
• CI18 - A variation of the well known and established hydrophilic CI26 material with specific mechanical and optical properties for less conventional IOL designs.
• PMMA - Premium PMMA product for predictable outcome and maximum performance.
Delivery System:
• ErgoTouch - A delivery system that provides an ergonomic solution for improved control.

IOL Materials, Delivery Systems

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CIMA Technology, Inc.

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No product(s)/service information available

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Company contacts:
+74912 779 678
20 Moskovskoye shosse, Ryazan 390010, Russia

СILITA Ltd. is focused on manufacturing hand-held ophthalmic instruments contributing to the world's advancement of high-quality and affordable medical care. CILITA's product range is being continuously adapted to modern trends in ophthalmic surgeries whereas high quality standards account for growing demand for CILITA ophthalmic products.

cataract surgery/ keratoplasty/ vitreoretinal instruments/ femto instruments/ LASIK/ oculoplastic

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ChongQing Sunkingdom Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

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No product(s)/service information available

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Company contacts: CenterVue SpA
Via San Marco, 9h
35129 Padova - Italy
+39 049 7396 147
+39 049 7396 148

Centervue is an Italian Company, leader in the eye care diagnostic field, that develops systems for the early detection of sight-threatening pathologies, such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. Centervue innovative products are technologically advanced and highly automated. Our portfolio includes: Retinal imaging systems, Fundus Automated Perimetry and Microperimetry devices.
Our goal is to offer user friendly products that allow Eye Practitioners to preserve patients' sight and quality of vision, in particular by detecting preventable diseases.

TrueColor Confocal Scanner, Fundus Automated Perimetry, Microperimetry, Fundus camera

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Cassini B.V.

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Company contacts: Cassini B.V.
Mauritskade 35
2514 HD The Hague
The Netherlands /

Cassini is an integrated key component of the cataract-refractive surgical suite, whereby the diagnostic data is used for patient selection, surgical planning, treatment delivery and post-operative follow-up. As part of our strategy Cassini has developed close partnerships with key players in the industry to offer surgeons a seamlessly integrated offering that delivers the best refractive outcomes to patients; increases the operational efficiencies at the same time; and allows surgeons to increase the conversion to more premium procedures and high-margin revenue streams. Partnerships include Lensar (femto-second lasers), Leica (surgical microscopes), Truevision (surgical guidance tools) and Ophtec (Intraocular lenses).

Premium Cataract surgery
Diagnostic devices

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Canon Europa N.V.

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Company contacts: Canon Europa N.V.,
Bovenkerkerweg 59,
1185 XB, Netherlands

Established in 1937, Canon has grown into a global company operating in a diverse range of markets, including Business Solutions, Consumer Imaging, Broadcast & Communications, Medical Systems and Industrial Products

Canon's extensive line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment spans cutting-edge digital retinal imaging systems, optical coherence tomography systems, fully automatic Ref-Keratometers and Tonometers, as well as associated intuitive control software to enhance patient care.

Optical Coherence Tomography, Retinal Cameras and Measurement Equipment

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C.I.O.M. srl

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Company contacts: C.I.O.M. SRL
20156 MILANO
TEL+39(0)2 33402669
FAX+39(0)2 33402671 -

We manufacture high quality trial lenses by ourselves in our factory in Milan since 1971. The product is 100% Made in Italy.
The raw materials choice is guarantee of long life and faultless products.
The carefull processing of lenses roughing, grinding and polishing guarantee small thicknesses in the middle and on the borders to avoid the astigmatism of the oblique rays in conformity with the international standards.
We assure: exact dioptric powers, the geometric centers coinciding with optic centers, the cylindrical lenses axis is geometrically centered.