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Comparison of clinical outcomes following V4c-ICL implantation and SMILE for low to moderate myopia

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Session Title: Endophthalmitis/ Ocular Infections/ Miscellaneous

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 10/10/2017 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 09:45

Venue: Room 4.6

First Author: : Z.Jin CHINA

Co Author(s): :    Z. Peng                    

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To compare and evaluate the efficacy and visual quality following posterior chamber phakic implantable Collamer lens (ICL) implantation and SMILE in low to moderate myopia.


Jin Zhou, Peng Zhou, Yuping Shi Chengdu Aier Eye Hospital 610041 No. 115 Yiduan, West Yihuan Rd, Chengdu, China Contact information: 13980660700


This retrospective study comprised of 75 eyes of 38 patients implanted with ICL and 49 eyes of 25 patients treated with SMILE. Uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) and refraction were recorded preoperatively and at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after operation, total high-order aberration (HOA), spherical aberration and coma were tested with itrace, and quantitative evaluation of visual quality was conducted. The average spherical equivalent (SE) of the ICL group was-4.329±1.36 D, ranged from -0.375 to -6.0 D, and the average SE of the SMILE group was -4.520±1.38 D, ranged from -1.5 to -6.0 D.


At 6 months after operation, the mean UCVA was -0.012±0.062 in the ICL group and -0.024±0.043 in the SMILE group. At 6 months postoperatively, the average SE was 0.002±0.08 D in the ICL group and -0.085±0.18 D in the SMILE group, SE of ICL group was significantly less than SMILE group at 6 months (p=0.0214) . The 6 months spherical aberration was statistically lower in the ICL group than in the SMIE group (p=0.0415).The incidence of blur and glare was 26% and 10% respectively in the ICL group and 41% and 17% in the SMILE group.


ICL implantation and SMILE were both safe and effective procedures for low to moderate myopia correction, and showed excellent postoperative vision correction outcomes while the ICL showed more stable refraction status and lower HOA.

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