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Hyperopic correction: state of the art

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Session Title: LASIK Outcomes and Complications

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 10/10/2017 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:15

Venue: Room 3.1

First Author: : K.Ditzen GERMANY

Co Author(s): :                        

Abstract Details


Where are the limits in hyperopic corneal refractive surgery?


Klaus Ditzen, M.D. City Center Department of Ophthalmology Bahnhofstr. 18 Weinheim 69469 Germany


40 hyperopic eyes more then +2,5 Diopters were analyzed between 01.07.2015 til 30.06.2016. Prä, postoperative, 3, 6, 12 months results were analyzed for stability, predictability and safety. LASIK was done with Schwindt Carriazo Barraquer Microkeratome with 10 mm flap Diameter and 130 µ flap-thickness. Laserablation was done with Excimer Laser MEL 80 from Carl Zeiss Meditec.


98 % has gained up til 2 lines in safety, 97 % has a visual acuity from 20/40 or better. Regression starts in corrections more than +3.5 Diopters. Complications: small regression, epithelial ingrove, flap folds. Limitations: präoperative k-value of 47 diopters and radius of 7.5 mm.


Excimer-Laser-Refractive Surgery can treat high hyperopia up til +6 Diopters, but undercorrections started higher then +3.5 Diopters. With the k-value less than +7 diopters and the radius more than 7.5 mm good staility, safety and predictability were seen.

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