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10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

This Meeting has been awarded 27 CME credits

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Valon Lasers

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Company contacts: Teknobulevardi 3-5, 01530 Vantaa, Finland
Tel: +358 50 434 5421

Technologically innovative solutions, extensive safety features and functional designs make Valon Multispot lasers fast, safe and easy to use. Dedicated adapters ensure excellent retina view and information projection on the retina combined with easy to use Smart Wheel operating system make using Valon Photocoagulators a joy. Valon TT with integrated wheelchair accessible table is a perfect solution for teaching hospitals and busy clinics. Valon 5G with all technological and functional solutions of the previous model is a movable and affordable solution for clinics of all sizes.

Multispot lasers

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VISIOMETRICS, S.L. (a Halma Company)

Website address:

Company contacts: (1) Company Name: Visiometrics, S.L.
(2) Postal Address: Argenters, 8, Edifici 3. PTV. 08290 Cerdanyola del Valles. Spain (3) Telephone Number: +34 93 582 45 01
(5) Email Contact Address:
(6) Website address: (7) Contact person: Jan Bonel (General Manager) Trinitat Arcusa (Administration Dept.)

Visiometrics manufactures OQAS™ - HD Analyzer, based on the double-pass technique and conceived to describe the optical quality of the human eye. OQAS™ - HD Analyzer performs measurements for: Optical Quality Analysis (PSF, MTF) Intraocular scatter (OSI). Objective Scatter Index allows easy cataract classification. IOL accommodation range. Tear Film break-up time.

OQAS™ - HD Analyzer

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Vision Share

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Company contacts:

Vision Share is the most advance network of eye banks world-wide and is the premier organization for sourcing and supply human eye tissue for transplant surgeries and research.

Donor corneas, eye bank processing, development, transplant tissue

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VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies

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Company contacts: VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies 14395 Saratoga Ave Saratoga, CA 95070 408-329-9139

VisionCare has developed the first FDA-approved telescope prosthesis demonstrated to improve vision and quality of life in individuals with End-Stage AMD. The telescope implant technology is based on wide-angle micro-optics that, in combination with the cornea, create a telephoto system that magnifies objects in view. The prosthesis is integral to the CentraSight® treatment program which has been created to help patients follow the necessary steps for proper diagnosis, surgical evaluation, and postoperative care. Our goal is to help patients reconnect to the things in life they love to see and do. Please visit our booth for more information.

Implantable Telescope, AMD, Low Vision, IOL, Retina

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VISIONIX Luneau Company

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Company contacts: Visionix, a Luneau Technology Company
1, avenue de Malaguet
28360 Prunay le Gillon

Refraction and diagnostic specialists: VISIONIX is based on the expertise of the technology "Wavefront" developed by Visionix® permitting the analysis of all the optic systems :
- Anterior Chamber analyser
- Aberrometer / Topographer / Tonometer
- Schleimpflug analyser

Diagnostic Systems for Cataract and Refractive, Ophthalmic Practice Equipment.

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Visunex Medical Systems

Website address:

Company contacts: 46824 Lakeview Boulevard,
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 1.510.248.4216

PanoCam® LT
PanoCam® Pro

Imaging Device, Wide-field Imaging

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Vitreq BV

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Company contacts: Andreas Kuehnel - CS & MO,

Vitreoretinal instruments, backflush instruments, Silicone OIl, Octane, Decaline, Perfluorocarbon liquids, Vitrectomy lenses, sterile Keratoprosthesis implants, reusable instruments, disposable instruments, 27g instruments, 25g instruments, 23g instruments, 20 g instruments, Capsulorhexis forceps for MICS,

Vitreoretinal instruments, Backflush Instruments, Vitrectomy lenses,surgical liquids, laser probes

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Website address:

Company contacts: Voptica SL
Ed. CEEIM, Campus de Espinardo, 30100, Murcia
00 34 898954817

VAO allows to test the chosen Lasik or IOLs solution before implementation.

It includes a full pack of diagnosis: aberrometry with Hartmann-Shack wavefront, subjective refinement using adaptive optics and real visual experience of the optical solution before implementation.

VAO is the only instrument in the world combining these diagnosis functions.

OPHTHALMOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS DEVICE. An innovative instrument unique in its kind.

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VRmagic GmbH

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Company contacts: VRmagic GmbH Turley-Str. 20 68167 Mannheim Germany Tel: +49 (0)621 400 416 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)621 400 416 - 99

Eyesi Surgical is a simulator for education and professional development in the field of ophthalmic surgery. The embedded curriculum consists of assorted modules teaching cataract and vitreoretinal surgical procedures. With Eyesi Indirect prospective eye care professionals can train indirect binocular ophthalmoscopy. Diagnosis and therapy plan development will be imparted on the basis of didactically adapted authentic cases. Eyesi Direct teaches the essential diagnostic skills of direct ophthalmoscopy. The curriculum contains the most common retinal pathologies every medical student must be able to recognize.

Eyesi Surgical Simulator Funduscopy Simulator Training Education Cataract Vitreo-retinal Surgery

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VSY Biotechnology is one of the most innovative manufacturers in cataract segment of ophthalmology. Each year the company adds on value-added products into its portfolio. Tri-ED, Trifocal IOL with EDOF and Enova, glistening-free dry packaged hydrophobic IOL, have been recently introduced by VSY Biotechnology. The combination of target driven R&D projects with strict quality assurance policy enables VSY Biotechnology to deliver cutting-edge IOLs and OVDs for cataract surgery.
Rapid growth of VSY Biotechnology has been approved by market research authorities and apparently VSY Biotechnology will be one of the leading companies in the near future.
For more information, visit

Introocular Lenses, Viscoelastics, BSS, Cartridge and Injector