Copenhagen 2016 Registration Programme Exhibitor Information Virtual Exhibition Satellite Meetings Glaucoma Day 2016 Hotel Star Alliance

10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

This Meeting has been awarded 27 CME credits

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A.R.C. Laser GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: A.R.C. Laser GmbH
Bessemerstraße 14
D-90411 Nuremberg
Phone: +49-911-21 779 0
Fax: +49-911-21 779 99

The highlight of this years ESCRS will be our Nano-Laser for cataract surgery: Cetus.
The laser system for photofragmentation based on single use handpieces. This Nano-Laser surgery is the most gentle way to treat cataract.
Our new 514 nm ENDO based on a ARGON wavelength is the small revolution in photocoagulation. A battery powered, lightweight and handheld unit for your OR.
SLT laser for glaucoma treatment: Cito 532 SLT Laser
KTP (green) laser with slit lamp for photocoagulation: CLASSIC
Diode laser for endo/cyclo/photocoagulation FOX 810nm
DCR with the FOX 980nm
YAG laser for capsulotomy with TriSpot Focus: Q-LAS

Laser systems, surgery laser systems

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Website address:

Company contacts: Abbott
Rudolf-Plank-Str. 31
76275 Ettlingen, Germany
phone: +49 7243 7290

Abbott Medical Optics is focused on delivering life-improving vision technologies to people of all ages. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of cataract, refractive and eye care products. Products in the cataract line include laser cataract technology, monofocal and multifocal intraocular lenses, phacoemulsification systems and viscoelastics and related products used in cataract and refractive surgery. Products in the eye care line include disinfecting solutions, lens rewetting drops and artificial tears. For more information, please visit or visit us at booth no.C202

No product(s)/service information available

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Accutome, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: US & CA: 800.979.2020
International: 610.889.0200
Europe: +31 (0) 485.350300
Fax: 610.889.3233

Accutome is known for our superior customer service and in house repair center. We offer a full line of diagnostic equipment including the 4Sight Ophthalmic Ultrasound Platform, A-Scan Plus Connect, B-Scan Plus, UBM, PachPen handheld pachymeter and AccuPen handheld tonometer. Accutome also offers a full line of surgical and office medications and supplies as well as a full line of surgical instruments and diamond knives. Visit our website to see many of the 2500 ophthalmic products we offer.

Diagnostic Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Medications and Supplies

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Website address:

Company contacts: No.35-2 Puzhou Road, Pukou, Nanjing City, Jiangsu, China Email:

Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments and Disposable Ophthalmic Instruments ACMED is organized by a group of engineers and sales team who have been in this field for years.The manufacturing of ophthalmic surgical instruments trace back to the 1990s.With our meticulous efforts, ACMED titanium and disposable surgical instruments are helping thousands of surgeons all over the world.

Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments and Disposable Ophthalmic Instruments

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AcuFocus, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: +1-949-585-9511

AcuFocus Inc., a privately held ophthalmic medical device company, develops and markets breakthrough technologies for the improvement of near vision. Its flagship product, the KAMRA™ inlay, treats presbyopia utilizing the depth-of-focus principle. It works by blocking unfocused peripheral light rays while isolating the more focused rays through its central 1.6 mm aperture. The IC-8™ IOL incorporates small aperture technology into a monofocal lens to provide an uninterrupted range of vision from near to far. The AcuTarget HD™ instrument measures ocular scatter, tear-film quality, depth-of-focus and identifies the visual axis for a broad spectrum of patients.

Corneal Inlay, IOL, Diagnostic Unit

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Aeon Astron Europe B.V.

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Company contacts:

Aeon Astron Europe B.V, is an innovative Biotechnology company dedicated to marketing innovative medical devices. The company has several R&D programs in biomaterials and regenerative medicine for ophthalmology indications. These devices include ologen® Collagen Matrix, BioCornea, and BioLens, which are designed for eye tissue repair and vision improvement.

No product(s)/service information available

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AJL Ophthalmic, SA

Website address:

Company contacts: AJL Ophthalmic, SA
Parque Tecnológico de Álava
C/ Ferdinand Zeppelin, 1
01510 Miñano (Álava)
Telephone number: 0034 945 298 256

Founded in 1992, AJL Ophthalmic is a Spanish company based in Alava (Basque Country) specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices for the specialties of ophthalmology, cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction and air tract.

AJL Ophthalmic has 3000m2 facilities equipped with advanced technology for the manufacture of its products, as well as an extensive national and international network through its sales network and distributors.

No product(s)/service information available

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akrus GmbH & Co KG

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Scott Kottwitz
+49 4121 791930

surgical chairs, doctor stools, accessories

surgical chairs, surgeon chair, doctor stool, patient chair

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Company contacts:

Surgical instruments and disposable devices for cataract and retina surgery

ophthalmic instruments for cataract and retina

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AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l.

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Mauro Beccaro (Managing Director)

Silicone oil: 1000 cS – 1300 cS – 2000 cS – 5000 cS – 5700 cS (syringe, pack, vial)

Heavy silicone oil (syringe)

Vitrectomy system connection (tubing, adapters)

Gas for intraocular tamponade: SF6 sulfurhexafluoride – C3F8 octafluoropropane – C2F6 hexafluoroethane (each pack contains 1 multidose cylinder and 1 gas injection set); set for repeat use of ophthalmic gas (filter + needle + patient's wristband)

Perfluorocarbons: perfluoro-n-octane, perfluorodecalin (syringe, vial)

Tissue staining: trypan blue (syringe, vial)

THIN-C™: deswelling agent to prepare ultra-thin lenticules for DSAEK, Eye Bank precut tissues for DSAEK and anterior lamellae for DALK

refractive surgery, vitroretinal surgery, corneal transplant, medical devices

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Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG

Website address:

Company contacts: Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG Stockacher Str. 138 78532 Tuttlingen / Germany +49 7461 2527 +49 7461 12229

German craftsmanship – worldwide service More than 90 years of excellence in German workmanship. Albert Heiss is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality surgical instruments in the field of ophthalmology. All products are made in Germany. We offer complete range of more than 1400 reusable instruments in Stainless Steel and Titanium. We are not only fast and accurate but also very reliable. We supply top-quality instruments that meet our rigid quality standards according to ISO 13485. This guarantees that our products will last for years in daily use.

Surgical Instruments Speculum Forceps Hooks Choppers Scissors Spatulas Cannulas

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Albomed GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Albomed GmbH
Hildebrandstrasse 11
90592 Schwarzenbruck
Phone: +49 (0) 9183 95 69 82 0

Viscoelastica - Pe-Ha-Blue, Pe-Ha-Luron F, Pe-Ha-Glide, Pe-Ha-Visco

OVDs, viscos / liquids for cataract- cornea- glaucoma surgery

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Alcon Management SA

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Company contacts:


No product(s)/service information available

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Alimera Sciences Limited

Website address:

Company contacts: Alimera Sciences Limited
Royal Pavilion, Wellesley Road,
Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1PZ, UK
Tel: +44 1252 354 000

Alimera Sciences, founded in June 2003, and proudly established in Europe since 2013, is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in the research, development and commercialisation of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. We are presently focused on diseases of the retina, affecting millions of people in our aging populations. Our commitment to retina specialists and their patients is manifest in our product and development portfolio designed to treat early- and late-stage diseases such as DMO, AMD and RVO

Developing innovative, vision improving treatments for diseases of the retina

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No product(s)/service information available

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Alliance Pharmaceuticals

Website address:

Company contacts: Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Avonbridge House
2 Bath Road
SN15 2BB

tel: 01249 705189

Alliance Pharmaceuticals is a publicly owned international pharmaceutical company listed on AIM, part of the London Stock Exchange.

We will be exhibiting at ESCRS with our brand MacuShield. MacuShield® is a lutein (10mg), zeaxanthin (2mg) and meso-zeaxanthin (10mg) once-a-day, easy to take, food supplement which combines all three macula carotenoids in a unique formula developed in collaboration with leading eye health experts.

Supplements, Capsules, Carotenoids, Nutrition, Health

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Company contacts:

Alsanza is the manufacturer of innovative and high quality premium intraocular lenses both in hydrophylic and hydrophobic material.
Besides monofocal IOLs, the company offers multifocal and trifocal solutions for a good vision at all distances.

In addition to distance related solutions, Alsanza also developed toric IOL's for the correction of astigmatism both in monofocal and trifocal versions.
The company is not only showing its excellence in the production of IOLs , it is also present as the manufacturer of high quality sodium hyaluronate, balanced salt solution and single use injector cardridge systems.

1) Intraocular lenses
2) Sodium hyaluronate
3) BSS
4) Injector Cardridge System

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American Academy of Ophthalmology

Website address:

Company contacts: 655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
Phone: 415-561-8500
Fax: 415-561-8533

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is a global community of eye physicians and surgeons who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient care. As the leader in ophthalmic education, we offer a wealth of innovative resources, such as the ONE® Network, IRIS® Registry, EyeSmart® program and Academy Forum.

• Education/Training
• Non-Profit Organization
• Patient Education Information
• Practice Management
• Publications
• Video

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Amidia LTD. Switzerland

Website address:

Company contacts:

nano diamond knives
regular diamond knives

cutting instruments

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Website address:

Company contacts: website:, email:

Founded in 1987 by Professor Arthur Lim, the Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (APACRS) has witnessed rapid growth under the leadership of Professor Graham Barrett over the past 15 years. Taking inspiration from the predecessors, current president, Dr Ronald Yeoh is set to take the APACRS into a new era. APACRS is a leading organization representing cataract and refractive surgeons. It is a forum for regional interaction in the field of cataract and refractive surgery working in close partnership with the ASCRS and the ESCRS in providing ophthalmic education.


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Website address:

CHENNAI - 600106
Phone: +91 44 32980153

Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
Autoref Keratometer
Manual Refractor
LED Visual Acuity Charts
Ophtalmic Refraction Units
Slitlamp Digital Imaging System
Applanation Tonometer
Corneal Cross Linking System
Ultrasound A Scan
Ultrasound B Scan with UBM
Visual Field Analyser
Yag Laser
SLT Laser
Green Laser
Operating Microscopes
Retinal Viewer
Phaco Emulsification System
Anterior & Posterior Vitrectomy
Bipolar Coagulator
Cryo System
Manual Equipment Table
Motorised Equipment Table
Operating Table
Manual Surgeon Chair
Motorised Surgeon Chair
Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens
Hydrophobic Preloaded Intraocular Lens
Ophthalmic Visco Elastic Devices
Ophthalmic Surgical Solutions
Micro Surgical Instruments
Surgical Knives

Slitlamps, Autoref Keratometer, Intraocular Lens, Surgical Instruments, Viscoelastic Devices

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Company contacts:

ARCADOPHTA is a company dedicated to the production of ophthalmic fluids, gas and liquids.
our focus, the tolerance, thanks to unique purification processes and patented formulation.
our today main line of products,: ready to use single dose of gases , longterm tamponnade silicon oïl, ultrapure perfluorocarbon, , safe trypan blue for both capsulorhexis and posterior segment membrane removal, single dose hydromellose for corneal protection during surgery or diagnosis.

vitreoretinal disposable, gas, silicon oil, staining product, hpmc , perfluorocarbon

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASCRS/EyeWorld
Phone: 703-591-2220

EyeWorld is the news and feature magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, EyeWorld serves as the premier publication for anterior segment surgeons. The magazine provides comprehensive ophthalmic news and the latest clinical information in the areas of cornea, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery, as well as periodic updates on retinal issues. Each article is carefully reviewed by the editorial staff, the article's sources, and the medical editors before its publication. EyeWorld draws from ASCRS' highly esteemed membership to create the finest editorial board of any publication in the industry.

Cataract/Refractive, Meetings, Publications

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASICO LLC 26 PLAZA DRIVE WESTMONT, IL 60559 USA PH: 630-986-8032 FAX: 630-986-0065 EMAIL: INFO@ASICO.COM WEBSITE: WWW.ASICO.COM

ASICO is pleased to bring the highest quality and most innovative selection of ophthalmic surgical instrumentation to ESCRS. Harmonyx™ is an innovative new phaco tip. Superior Outcome With any Technique Or any Machine Revolutionary AXsys Electronic Toric Marking Device clinically proven to be the World's Most Accurate Toric Marking Device Femtosecond cataract sets, World's Largest Selection!! Small Incision Cataract surgery (1.6-2.4mm) TASS management Instruments for Phakic IOLs and ICL Instruments for Toric IOLs DSAEK/DALK/DMEK Intraocular Complications Management Reusable and Disposable blades, cannulas, and iris hooks We look forward to show you our innovations for better outcomes!!


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Aspen Medical Europe Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Aspen Medical Europe Ltd.
Clinitron House,
Ashby Park,
LE65 1JG

Customer Services
+44 (0)1530 411 000

Aspen Medical, a Hill-Rom Company, is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of medical products. One such range of products are the Steriseal Ophthalmic cannula.
The Steriseal range has been the brand of choice for ophthalmic professionals worldwide for over 30 years. The products being of a consistent high quality and regulatory compliant.

The product portfolio covers:

Cataract: Anaesthesia, Anterior Chamber Maintenance, Capsulotomy, Hydrodelineation and Hydrodissection, Iris Retraction, Irrigation and Aspiration, Nucleus Removal, Polishers

Oculoplastic; Lacrimal, Intubation Sets

Refractive; Lasik, RK,

Vitreoretinal; Subretinal, Perfluorocarbon

Steriseal now extends to single use packs for Sub Tenon and Intravitreal injections.

Cataract, Oculoplastic, Refractive, Vitreorentinal

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AST Products, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: AST Products, Inc.
9 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821 USA
(978) 667-4500

AST Products, Inc. manufactures a range of ophthalmic surgical products used by physicians to treat patients with cataracts. These products include, soft hydrophobic implantable intraocular lenses, and AST's premier device, the lioli™ IOL Delivery System, which was designed for the implantation of a single piece foldable intraocular lens into the human eye through a surgical procedure. The device's cartridge is pretreated with our innovative lubriMATRIX™ technology which offers a safe, simple and effective lens delivery.

Intraocular Lens, Intraocular Injector

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Website address:

Company contacts: ATAKAN DEDE
TEL: 009 0224 441 33 34
FAX: 009 0224 443 70 06
Phone:0532 485 98 77

CrownVisc® Sodium Hyaluronate Solution
NeoCrown® Sodium Hyaluronate Solution
MegaCrown® Sodium Hyaluronate Solution
OculoCrown® Sodium Hyaluronate Solution
CrownGel® HPMC Solution
Ocusil® Silicone oil
Ocudeka® Decaline
Ocublu® Brillant Blue Solution
Ocublu-Try® Trypan Blue Solution
Ocusalt® Balanced Salt Solution

Liquid Ophthalmic Devices for Cataract and Retina Surgery

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Website address:

Company contacts: Aurolab,
No.1,Sivagangai Main Road,
Tamilnadu, India
Phone: +91-452-3096100

Aurolab, based in southern part of India, is an integral part of the Aravind Eye Care System. It manufactures a wide range of high quality ophthalmic consumables such as Intraocular lenses, Surgical Sutures, Pharmaceutical products, Surgical Blades and Equipments.

Aurolab's growth and product development criteria are driven by societal needs for high quality products at affordable prices. Aurolab products are manufactured on efficient production lines with quality assurance measures that complies US FDA, EU GMP, WHO GMP. Aurolab™ products are exported to 130 and more countries worldwide, with focus markets like India, Africa, Latin America, Central America and Southeast Asia.


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Avedro, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: David Iannetta
Vice President of Marketing
+1 (781) 768-3400

Avedro is a privately held pharmaceutical and medical device company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking and refractive correction.

Avedro's Photrexa® Viscous, Photrexa® and the KXL® System have recently been approved for sale in the United States.

Avedro's products sold outside of the United States include capital equipment such as the UV-X devices, the KXL and Mosaic™ Systems, and related proprietary pharmaceuticals such as the VibeX® and MedioCROSS® formulations.

Avedro distributes its products in countries outside of the United States through a network of ophthalmic medical device distributors.

Corneal Cross-Linking, Refractive, Cornea, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals

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Avellino Labs

Website address:

Company contacts: Scott Korney
Avellino Labs
+1 510.377.1831

Benedetto Sgroi
Avellino Labs
Director, International Sales & Marketing
+39 335.729.9348

Media Contact:
Paula Hook
Avellino Labs
Director of Marketing Communications
+1 972.517.1784

Avellino Labs is global leader providing genetic testing services for corneal health. Avellino's proprietary genetic diagnostics system provides fast, safe, affordable DNA analysis. The Universal Test detects the TGFBI mutations responsible for Granular Corneal Dystrophy type1 (GCD1), type2 (GCD2), Lattice type1 (LCD1), Reis-Bucklers (RBCD), and Thiel Behnke (TBCD). Based on test results, patients and physicians can make an informed decision when considering vision correction surgery. The company continues to develop new applications for genetic analysis of various ocular conditions, with the ultimate goal of using gene editing technology to create a new therapeutic platform for treating inherited eye disease.

Genetic Testing & Diagnostics, DNA Analysis, Gene Therapy, Corneal Health