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The effectiveness of paediatric ophthalmology training using flipchart in community: university area vs urban area

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First Author: D. Hari Sakti INDONESIA

Co Author(s):    W. Widyandana   I. Tri Mahayana   W. Gunawan   H. Yudono           

Abstract Details


To evaluate the effectiveness of short training using flipchart for improving pediatric ophthlamology knowledge in an effort to establish simple and reliable pediatric eye abnormality screening program in the community.


This study was conducted at 2 preschools within Universitas Gadjah Mada area and 1 urban family welfare community in the Yogyakarta City, Indonesia on 2014-2015.


Twenty seven people consisted of preschool teachers and preschool parents at preschools within Universitas Gadjah Mada area (university area group) and 11 mothers in urban family welfare community(urban area group) participated in this study. Education and training about pediatric ophthalmology were then given to them by the trainers using special-designed flipchart for 30 minutes. Pretest and post test with the same content which consist of 20 questions were performed to evaluate the improvement of their pediatric ophthalmology knowledge.


It was found that there was a significant difference between pretest and post-test (mean±SD= 13.95±4.52 and 15.71±3.73, respectively; p=0.010). There was also a significant difference in pretest between urban area group vs university area group (mean±SD= 9.82±4.66 and 15.63±3.21, respectively; p=0.001) as well as in post test (mean±SD= 12.09±4.50 and 17.19±2.05, respectively; p<0.001). Participants in university area group achieved better score both in pretest and post-test than the urban area group.


The simple training model using flipchart for parents and preschool teacher was able to improve their pediatric ophthalmology knowledge significantly. Therefore, this training is worth developing further and can be used in larger community settings to detect pediatric eye abnormality earlier.

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