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Vision recovery speed after ReLEx SMILE surgery

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First Author: E. Eskina RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Co Author(s):    V. Parshina   O. Kukleva                 

Abstract Details


To evaluate vision acuity speed recovery for patients underwent conventional


Prof. Erika N. Eskina, MD, Laser Surgery Clinic SPHERE, Moscow, Russia


There were 22 patients (44 eyes) (29±5 years, range 21 to 44) with SEQ -4.85D±2,03D (range -1,25D to -8,5D) VisuMax femtosecond laser system (CZM) with the following parameters: flap thickness 110-120 mkm, RST more than 300 mkm. Planned OZ was in average 6,28±0,6 mm (range from 5,4 to 7,2 mm), lens thickness 94± 13 mkm (range from 65 to 116 mkm). Patients were analysed at 1, 7 days and 1, 3 - months postop. Clinical outcomes were evaluated in terms of clinical refraction, BCVA, UCVA and safety.


The UCVA before the operation was 0,075±0,06, BCVA 0,98±0,06. Uncorrected vision recovery speed was estimated at 1, 7 days and 1, 3 -months postop 0,78±0,2, 0,86±0,13, 0,92±0,1 and reached 0,98±0,1 at 3 months and remained stable during further observation. Average BCVA at 3 months was the same like before the operation. There were 4 eyes (9,1%) lost 1 line from BCVA, 3 eyes (6,8%) gained 1 or more lines BCVA. 33 eyes (75%) reached target refraction, 38 eyes (86,3%) were within 0,25 D from target refraction, 43 eye (97,7%) – within 0,5 D from target.


ReLex Smile is a safe and predictable method in correction myopia in a range from low to high degree. Vision recovery speed was high enough to provide a driving ability within 1 day after surgery and reached BCVA level at 1-3 months after surgery. Described data could help in explaining of vision recovery speed to the patients.

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