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Outcomes at three months with the new multifocal lens Bi-Flex M 677MY® in refractive lens exchange surgery

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First Author: I. Blanco Domínguez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    F. Duch   J. Reyes   M. Martí              

Abstract Details


To study the visual outcomes of patients undergoing refractive lens exchange surgery with the new multifocal lens Bi-Flex M 677MY®.


The Bi-Flex M 677MY® lens is a new lens whose design is based on the Progressive Apodized Diffractive (PAD) technology, not needing a second diffractive surface to provide intermediate vision, creating a progressive vision closer to natural accommodative amplitude of eye.


Descriptive study of visual results at three months. A total of 20 eyes corresponding to 10 patients were studied. The mean age of patients was 60.20 years (SD: 5.61), 80% were women, 20% myopic and 80% hypermetropic (range -3.5 to +6 diopters). The mean power of the lens was 24.27 diopters (SD: 5.14). The mean preoperative corneal astigmatism was 0.79 diopters. In cases with corneal astigmatism, diopter ≥0,5, the main incision in the curved shaft or limbal relaxing incisions were made. There was one case of amblyopia, a loss of follow-up and a patient who needed a bioptics.


The sphere and the spherical equivalent decrease at three months versus preoperatively, and its changes were statistically significant. Corneal astigmatism decreased 0.10 diopters, although the difference was not statistically significant. As for the results of visual acuity, safety index (postoperative BCVA / BCVA preoperative) for far vision was 103% in both monocular and binocular vision;and safety index for near vision in monocular was 90% and 91% in binocular. The efficiency index (postoperative UCVA / preoperative BCVA) 85% in monocular and 89% in binocular for far vision; and 84% in monocular and 91% in binocular for near vision. The intermediate visual acuity (80cm) average was 0.85(decimal scale) in monocular and 0.93 in binocular.


In our center the new multifocal lens Bi-Flex M 677MY® has been implemented to a small group of patients, with good refractive results at 3 months, although there are necessary more studies with larger sample sizes and follow up to validate these results. We are currently in phase of recruitment for a prospective comparative study of this lens against another lens of trifocal design. No financial disclosure.

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