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Eight year follow-up after deep pocket KAMRA inlay implantation: a case report

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First Author: W. Riha AUSTRIA

Co Author(s):                        

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To present the long-term visual outcome of a patient implanted monocularly with a KAMRA small-aperture inlay into a femtosecond laser-created deep intracorneal pocket for the correction of presbyopia.


University Eye Clinic Salzburg, Austria, Private Practice Dr.Riha, Salzburg, Austria


A today 62 year old woman underwent implantation of a KAMRA small-aperture inlay (AcuFocus) in the non-dominant right eye, using the Intralase Femtosecond Laser (Abbott) to create an intracorneal pocket at a depth of 350 microns. Monocular and binocular unaided visual acuity at distance (UDVA) and near (UNVA), manifest refraction and corneal health were monitored for the first year and again at the long-term follow-up of 8 years. Acuity is reported in logMAR.


UNVA in the implant eye improved from 0.68 logMAR pre-operatively to 0.3 by 3 months, 0.12 by 6 months and was stable at the 8-year follow-up. Binocular UNVA was similar to the inlay eye at all follow-up intervals. UDVA was 0.04 pre-operatively, 0.20 at 12 months and 0.10 at the 8-year follow-up in the implant eye. Binocular UDVA was unaffected and was better than 0.00 logMAR (20/20) at the 12-month and 8-year follow-up visits. Refractive stability was also observed between 12-month and 8-year follow-up. Cornea was clear; patient was satisfied with overall outcome.


Small-aperture KAMRA inlay implantation significantly improved functional unaided near acuity, while maintaining distance acuity. These results show long-term stability.

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