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Optical quality and refractive results comparison between two intraocular lenses in cataract surgery: monofocal spherical and bifocal low add aspheric IOL

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First Author: R. Carneiro de Freitas PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    T. Monteiro   F. Faria Correia   N. Franqueira   F. Vaz           

Abstract Details


To compare the refractive results and the quality of vision between a monofocal spherical IOL (AcrySof SA60AT®, Alcon Laboratories) and a diffractive bifocal IOL (AcrySof ReSTOR SV25T0®, Alcon Laboratories) with low addition power (+2.5 dioptres (D).


Ophthalmology Department Hospital de Braga Portugal


68 eyes of 34 patients that underwent bilateral cataract surgery were evaluated. At 1 month postoperatively, visual acuity (VA) for near, intermediate and far distances were obtained, as well as, IOL defocus curve from +1.00D to -4.00D, and contrast sensivity curves in mesopic and photopic conditions.


No significant differences were found between IOLs for uncorrected and distance-corrected distance VA (UDVA and CDVA, respectively). Mean corrected intermediate VA (CIVA) and corrected near VA (CNVA) were significantly better in the low add bifocal IOL than in the monofocal IOL (p ≤ 0.036). The comparison of the defocus curves displayed a superior VA performance in the bifocal low add group, with statistically significant differences detected in VA means at all the vergence dioptric powers (p ≤ 0.018), except between -0.50D and -1.00D. Contrast sensitivity values only presented statistically significant differences in high spatial frequencies in mesopic conditions (p ≤ 0.018), in which the bifocal low add IOL group had higher means.


The +2.50 D low add bifocal IOL (AcrySof ReSTOR SV25T0®, Alcon Laboratories) improves near and intermediate VA when compared to the traditional monofocal IOL, without compromising distance visual acuity or contrast sensitivity.

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