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Multifocal IOL position at 1 and 6 months evaluated with ray tracing technology

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First Author: P. Alfaiate Pereira PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    J. Costa   A. Rosa   E. Almeida   R. Araujo   F. Rito   J. Murta     

Abstract Details


To evaluate diffractive Multifocal Intraocular lens (MIOL) position using a ray tracing aberrometer at 1 and 6 months.


Department of Ophthalmology, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.


Prospective study including 30 eyes of 15 patients submitted to sequential bilateral phacoemulsification and diffractive MIOL implantation without capsular tension ring insertion (CTR). All eyes had the MIOL optical zone covered and placed under the capsulorhexis. MIOL centration at the time of surgery was based on the subject-fixated coaxially sighted corneal light reflex. Evaluation of MIOL position was performed using ray tracing at 1st and 6th month.


The average distance from the lens centre to the visual axis was 0.176mm (0.037-0.423mm) and 0.257 mm (0.023 – 0.887mm) at the 1st and 6th month, respectively. The difference between means is not statistically significant (p=.057) At the 1st month, this decentration was larger in patients with greater alpha angles, in which the optical axis is farther away from the visual axis (r=.460, p=.011). At 6th month, it was also statistically significant (r=.667; p=.010).


Decentration at the 6th month was slightly larger comparing to the 1st month results. It was possible to establish a correlation between decentration and greater alpha angles at 1st month, reflecting that IOLs tend to move more in larger capsular bags. This study shows that there is a small movement of the IOL during a 6 month follow up in patients with multifocal IOLs implanted in the capsular bag without capsular distension rings.

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