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PhysIOLl® (Fine Vision) vs PanOptix® (Alcon): a comparative observational study in high grade aberration pattern after phacoemulsification cataract surgery in a sample of Mexican population

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First Author: D. Alanis Cabrera MEXICO

Co Author(s):    K. Zuniga Posselt   F. Solorio Martinez   D. Zamora de la Cruz   M. Garzon   E. Chavez Mondragon        

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To compare high order aberration pattern between two multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL), PhysIol® (Fine visión) and PanOptix® (Alcon)


Instituto de Oftalmología Fundación Conde de Valenciana, México City


We identified 20 eyes of 10 patients with cataract who desired surgery. We performed phacoemulsification with multifocal intraocular lens implant in a period of time between July and November 2015. During the procedure 10 PhysIol® (FineVision) IOLs and 10 Acrysof IQ PanOptix® (Alcon) IOLs were implanted. Follow up was performed at three months postop with measurement of high order aberrations (tilt, coma, trifoil, tetrafoil and spheric) using NIDEK OPDIII. Data was gathered and analyzed using IBM SPSS 20.0, a T student test was used to compare means between both groups for each aberration. Statistical significance was defined as p≤ 0.05


A total of 20 eyes of 10 patients were included in this study. We divided two groups, of 10 patients 5 had phacoemulsification with Acrysof IQ PanOptix® (Alcon) IOL implant and 5 had phacoemulsification with 10 PhysIol® (FineVision) IOL implant. We did not find statistical significance between Tilt Z1, -1, Tilt Z1, 1, Trifoil Z3, -3, Coma Z3 -1, Coma Z3 1, Trefoil Z3 3, Tetrafoil Z4 -4 and Spheric aberration Z4 0. We only obtained statistical significance for Tetrafoil Z4, 4 aberration (p = .009). In the PanOptix group all eyes had Tetrafoil Z4, 4 aberration with a mean value of - .015 ( ± .0643), while within the PhysIol group the mean was .022 (± .0353).


The comparison of multifocal IOL PhysIol® (Fine visión) and PanOptix® (Alcon) show that there is no statistical difference between the high order aberrations. A significant difference was found only in the Tetrafoil Z4, 4 aberration. These prove that the aberrations in both IOL do not decrease the visual quality and both are good options for patients who want to be spectacle independent.

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