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Comparison of clinical results of new polyfocal vs monofocal IOL

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First Author: P. Stodulka CZECH REPUBLIC

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To compare visual and refractive outcomes at distance and near vision after implantation of new polyfocal, bioanalogic intraocular lens (WIOL-CF) and monofocal IOL.


GEMINI Eye Clinic, Zlín, Czech Republic


Routine medical records from the same time period (Oct-Dec/2014) were retrospectively analysed. Selected monocular visual and refractive outcomes at distance (UDVA) and near (UNVA) after the routine cataract surgery implantation of intraocular lens (polyfocal or monofocal IOL) to the primary eye, were compared.


In the selected time period we compared all available short-term (1 to 4 weeks) outcomes in group WIOL-CF IOL (n = 43 eyes) and monofocal IOL group (n = 727 eyes). Average monocular uncorrected distance VA the WIOL-CF group and the monofocal IOL group was 0.74 (± 0.20) and 0.65 (± 0.28) dec respectively; P = 0.0542. Average monocular uncorrected near VA the WIOL-CF group and monofocal IOL group was 3.9 (± 3.5)J and 10.4 (± 4.1) J respectively; P <0.0001. Up to 71% of patients with implanted WIOL-CF have a monocular UNVA better than J5.


Our short-term experience shows that the intraocular lens WIOL-CF achieves comparable UDVA results to monofocal IOL in cataract surgery. UNVA with WIOL CF IOL was significantly better than with the monofocal IOLs. WIOL-CF may be a good alternative for patients seeking greater glass independence.

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