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Clinical results after implantation of a EDOF IOL (Lentis Comfort, LS13-MF15, Oculentis) with a near addition of 1,5dpt in 66 eyes with a follow-up of three months

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First Author: N. Grada GERMANY

Co Author(s):    F. Ruefer   M. Poelzl   D. Holland              

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To evaluate the clinical outcome and patient satisfaction in a prospective clinical trial with ethic committee approval. The goal of this lens design is to achieve a best possible uncorrected distance and intermediate visual acuity with less visual disturbances like glare, halo or others. For longer reading of small letters a small reading add is recommended preoperatively in this type of lens.


nordBLICK Augenklinik Bellevue, Kiel, Germany, prospective single surgeon study with ethic committee approval


We included 66 eyes of 33 consecutive Cataract patients (12m, 21f) with in average age of 69 ± 8 years. Exclusion criteria where among others a corneal astigmatism of over 0.75dpt or an irregular astigmatism, macular pathologies or amblyopia. A limbal 2.2 mm incision was used from the 12 o´clock position. Postoperative control was at day one, one week, one and three months postoperatively. UCVA and BCVA was measured mon- and binocular in 40cm, 80cm and distance. A defocus curve was performed (+1.5 to -3.0dpt). Optical phenomena where recorded in a patient questionnaire.


UCVA changed from 0,49 ± 0,32 LogMAR to 0,03 ± 0,12 LogMAR. BCVA changed from 0,23 ± 0,23 to -0,04 ± 0,08 LogMAR three months postoperatively. UIVA increased from 0,64 ± 0,26 to 0,17 ± 0,21 and UNVA from 0,68 ± 0,30 to 0,31 ± 0,19 LogRAD. Over 90% of the patients achieved a binocular UCVA of 20/25 and nearly 80% a binocular UIVA of 20/25. 20/20 binocular for distance and intermediar was achieved for 79% and 54 respectively. Binocular UNVA was 20/40 in 70%, 20/25 in 27% and 20/20 in 18%. The patient questionnaire showed high patient satisfaction.


The clinical results are very promising regarding a spectacle free daily life in almost every patient in this cohort of cataract patients. Uncorrected binocular visual acuity was good in most of the patients. The patient satisfaction in our study group was very high. As planned for longer reading of small letters glasses are recommended.

Financial Disclosure:

One or more of the authors receives consulting fees, retainer, or contract payments from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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