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Causes of ocular injuries and community awareness in Meghalaya (North East state of India)

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First Author: V. Surong INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Saikia                    

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Ocular injuries world wide is considered to be a major cause of ocular morbidity . Eye injuries ranges from mild,non sight-threatening,to total loss of vision,requiring prolonged follow –up and visual rehabilitation that indirectly has a significant impact on the society in term of economic and social burden.. The aim of the study was to determine various cause of ocular injuries and local pattern ranging from mild non-sight threatening to severe loss of vision which will enable us to plan and design appropriate prevention and management of ocular injuries in different strategies.


Mission trust and Bawri Nethralaya Shillong, Meghalaya,India.


- It is a retrospective observational study conducted in mission trust eye /B Nethralaya centers between January 2014- December 2015.Total 185 patients were enrolled ranging from mild non –sight threatening trauma to severe sight threatening trauma .The details of the patients including age, sex, occupation, type of injury and complete details ocular examination were recorded .A prepared questionnaire form is also included to find out the awareness and knowledge about ocular trauma,its immediate management and treatment,safety of working place etc.were assessed from the patients, relatives and community.


Among total 185 patients enrolled 63.78% were male and 36.22% were female.The prevalence of ocular trauma between the age group 0-16 years were 30%, 17-50 yrs were 53% and 50 yrs and above around 17%. Among the major ocular trauma in paediatric age group ranging from mild corneal abrasion 32.72% to open globe injury of 38.18% . Whereas in older age group it was a combination of both closed and open globe injury which account for majority of the ocular injury.


Ocular trauma is a major contributing factor for ocular morbidity,which could be reduced by taking appropriate strategies for treatment and management at different levels. And accurate datas essential for guiding management and prevention can be compiled so that a widely standardised template for reporting injuries can be planned . Different prevention strategy at various level and raised people awareness can also be implemented to reduce the complication of ocular trauma.

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