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Eye massage: impact on clinical signs and quality of vision (QOV)

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First Author: J. Moore UNITED KINGDOM

Co Author(s):    E. Pazo   R. McNelly   T. Moore   O. Richoz   A. Nesbit        

Abstract Details


To determine the impact of eye massage on symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). An evaluation of QOV score changes was also assessed.


Cathedral Eye Clinic, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK


In this prospective bilateral-eye study, 60 patients with MGD were enrolled for 3-month treatment. Each patient either used the hot compress with Eyepeace massage or hot compress alone. Mean outcome measures tear film osmolarity (TearLab), Cochet-Bonnet esthesiometry, tear lipid quality (Tear Scope), ocular surface parameters (hyperaemia and staining), tear breakup time and OSDI questionnaire were evaluated preoperatively as well as 1 month and 3 months. Non parametric statistical testing with Wilcoxon test, linear regression correlation test and t-test were performed. The clinical effectiveness was assessed with an age and gender matched control group not using the Eyepeace massaging device.


The mean tear lipid quality improved in both study groups but was statistically significant in the Eyepeace massage group (p<0.05), dry eye signs improved 1-month after eye massage treatment started and reminded stable (p<0.05), breakup time also improved with treatment, QOV scores and MGD signs showed statistically significant improvement and some of them continued improving from 1-month to 3-month of treatment. Symptomatic changes such as sore and tearing improved but other dry eye symptoms did not reach statistically significant. None of the patients presented adverse effects caused by the treatment.


Eyepeace massage combined with hot compress is a good initial approach to manage dry eye due to MGD. In few patients this approach was not enough to provide a complete relieve of symptoms and topical treatment such as artificial tear or ointments was required.

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One or more of the authors gains financially from product or procedure presented

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