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10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Allergic pigmentation

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First Author: L. Gontijo BRAZIL

Co Author(s):                        

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To evaluate a presence of plica semi-lunaris or caruncle pigmentation and Allergic Conjunctivitis and also keratoconus a series of 83 asymptomatic patients were evaluated with blood tests or by skin tests for allergies and corneal topographies performed in all patients


Residence and Fellowship Ophthalmologic School at Santa Casa, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


83 patients of any sex/age were enrolled in a prospective study that includes only patients presenting Plica Semi-lunaris or Caruncle pigmentation in one or both eyes. Not any signs of ocular allergies were admitted or another ocular diseases. All patients were observed during normal routine anual exams. Not any patient had itching as an primary complaint. Those patients were submited to blood tests for IgE ( RAST) or submited to skin exams with an Allergologist. All patients were undergone to a corneal topography using an Topcon KR 8000PA model. Intensity, localization and itching were data collected to this study.


77% of the patients had an Allergic condition confirmed by high levels of IgE or by the traditional Prick test. In 13% of them, were found a subtle Form Fruste of Keratoconus.


As seen in users of Prostaglandin drops for glaucoma, pigmentation is easily seem in Vernal conjunctivitis and fade with time. It is possible that also light forms of allergies like in this studied group, could exibit a delicate amount of pigmentation in the plica or caruncle. The itching place is referred over the nasal side of the most pigmentated eye.Keratoconus also is found associated with ocular allergies and anti allergic eyes drops should be introduced to prevent its rise.

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