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Shortening of levator by infolding in blepharoptosis surgery

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First Author: A. Aubakirova KAZAKHSTAN

Co Author(s):    E. Dzhumataev   A. Magazova                 

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Analysis of results of surgical suppression of blepharoptosis by shortening the levator by means of plication.


Congenital anomaly of organ of vision is the main form of children's ophthalmopathology. Among ophthalmological diseases 9-12% of cases are eyelid pathology. The most efficient treatment method of blepharoptosis is levator resection. Positive results are achieved only in 70-80% of cases, complications occur due to excessive elevation of upper eyelid.


118 children (147 eyes) with blepharoptosis of upper eyelid were observed. Partial ptosis was recognized in 13 eyes, incomplete ptosis was diagnosed in 122 eyes, complete ptosis was recognized in 12 eyes. 75% of children had unilateral ptosis, 25% - bilateral ptosis. Simple congenital blepharoptosis was diagnosed in 105 eyes (71,4%), blepharoptosis in conjunction with epicanthus was observed in 10 eyes (7,3%), blepharophimosis - in 6 eyes (4,5%), epicanthic fold - in 6 eyes (4,5%), enstrophe of lower eyelid - in 2 eyes (1,4%). Blepharoptosis with strabismus was found in 16 eyes (10,9%). 118 operations of levator plication were performed.


There were no postoperative complications in above cases. Orbital and palpebral plication was formed after operation and optical zone was opened. In general the following results have been obtained: blepharophimosis was eliminated completely in 115 (97,4%) patients, partially - in 3 (2,6%) patients. In case of partial blepharoptosis good result has been achieved in 92,3% of cases, satisfactory – in 7,7%. In case of incomplete blepharoptosis good result has been achieved in 95,9 % of cases, satisfactory – in 4,1%. In case of complete blepharoptosis good result has been achieved in 90.6% of cases, satisfactory – in 9.04%.


Good results have been obtained by surgical operation of levator plication. In general, 97% of cases has shown good results. Outcome of operations differs insignificantly depending on blepharoptosis severity. This surgical operation is quite simple for implementation. Complications do not occur in case of proper execution of procedure.

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