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Navi Blef® intensice care: in-vitro demodex test

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First Author: A. Rodriguez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    S. Gisbert   J. Alio                 

Abstract Details


The aim of the study was to know how long, in minutes, the mites known as Demodex could survive when exposed to different treatments: NAVIBLEF® INTENSIVE CARE, a buffered saline solution and an extract of tea tree oil.


Vissum Alicante, Spain


235 eyelashes from different patients with chronic blepharitis were collected. All the samples were observed in order to register any modifications in the movement and morphology of the mites. The movements of the 82 Demodex were continuously observed under a light microscope for a minimum of 240 minutes. As the sensibility of the Demodex can vary, the population of mites from each patient was divided into 3 groups; each group received a different treatment including a preparation with BSS solution, NAVIBLEF® INTENSIVE CARE and Tea tree oil 50%. Survival times of the different groups of treatments were then compared.


After applying NAVIBLEF®INTENSIVE CARE, Demodex mites die. Sometimes their body decreases in size due to the drying effect but they always are eliminated leaving the eyelashes cleaner. For the BSS the killing time of larvaes was of 168 minutes while with NAVIBLEF®INTENSIVE CARE 12 minutes and 50% TTO 3 minutes. For the BSS the killing time for the adult mites was of 1250 minutes, with NAVIBLEF® INTENSIVE CARE 52 minutes and with 50% TTO 13 minutes. Both species, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, were susceptible to NAVIBLEF® INTENSIVE CARE When Demodex mites were inside cylindrical dandruffs, the killing time was slightly longer.


The results conclude that NAVIBLEF® INTENSIVE CARE tested in vitro kills Demodex mites. This product is very useful to treat patients with chronic blepharitis.

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