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Evanescent non-inflammatory vascular sheathing: case report

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First Author: I. Careba UNITED KINGDOM

Co Author(s):    I. Akram                    

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To describe the spontaneous recovery of non-inflammatory vascular sheathing associated with central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) without any general or local treatment.


Rennie Eye Clinic, St Helens Hospital, UK


58 years old healthy male presented in our clinic with sudden decrease of VA in the RE(RE BCVA=HM) for the past 2 days.He had right RAPD.Retinal examination:LE normal;RE CRVO with vascular sheathing and subretinal fluid(SRF) in the macular area.After 2 weeks(6/24),without any treatment,the sheathing and most of the hemorrhages disappeared,leaving only a few cotton wool spots(CWS) around the optic nerve and minimal macular SRF.After another month(6/18) there were only a few hemorrhages and a CWS present and no SRF in the macula.After another month(6/12) there were only a few hemorrhages in the right retina and atrophic macula at the OCT.


FFA didn’t reveal any active vasculitis or ischaemia.The blood tests performed were negative for inflammation (ESR,CRP normal) or autoimmune diseases (negative ANA,smooth muscle antibodies,mitochondria antibodies) and were normal for glucose,coagulation,FBC, triglycerides and cholesterol.The patient had shown signs of vascular sheathing that disappeared after 2 weeks without any intervention and without any signs of general or local inflammation or vasculitis.The VA recovered from HM to 6/12 within 3 months without any treatment.One other similar case has been described in the specialized literature.


In conclusion we present the rare case of evanescent vascular sheathing unrelated to any type of ocular inflammation that disappeared without any intervention.

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