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Evaluation of the intrasession repeatability of refraction and wavefront aberration measurements provided by the combined diagnostic platform VX120

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First Author: D. Piñero Llorens SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Lopez-Navarro   I. Cabezos   V. Camps   M. Caballero   D. de Fez        

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To evaluate in healthy eyes the intrasession repeatability of the refraction and wavefront aberration measurements provided by the diagnostic platform VX120 (Visionix) that combines Scheimpflug imaging and Hartmann-Shack technologies


Optometric Clinic, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain


A total of 66 eyes of 66 patients ranging in age from 19 to 50 years were enrolled in the study. All eyes received a comprehensive eye examination including a complete anterior segment analysis with the VX120 system (Visionix). Three consecutive measurements were obtained with this device to assess the intrasession repeatability of the refraction and wavefront aberration measurements provided. The within-subject standard deviation (Sw), coefficient of repeatability (CR) and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) were calculated.


Mean Sw and CR for sphere and cylinder were 0.13±0.16 and 0.25±0.31 D, and 0.13±0.17 and 0.25±0.34 D, respectively. ICC was 0.997 and 0.964 for sphere and cylinder, respectively. Concerning wavefront aberrations, mean Sw was 0.04±0.05, 0.03±0.02, 0.03±0.12, 0.03±0.02, 0.02±0.02, and 0.02±0.02 micrometers for high order aberration, primary coma, trefoil, spherical aberration, secondary astigmatism, and tetrafoil root mean square (RMS), respectively. The CR ranged from 0.04±0.05 micrometers for primary coma RMS to 0.03±0.05 micrometers for tetrafoil RMS. ICC ranged for all these aberrometric parameters from 0.804 for tetrafoil RMS to 0.949 for spherical aberration.


The VX120 diagnostic platform combining Scheimpflug imaging and Hartmann-Shack technology provides consistent measurements of refraction and wavefront aberrations, being a useful option for refractive screening in clinical setting

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