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10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Ciliary muscle evaluation during accommodation assessed by optical coherence tomography

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First Author: R. Montes-Mico SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Esteve-Taboada   D. Monsalvez-Romin   A. Recchioni   A. Domínguez-Vicent           

Abstract Details


To assess the changes in the ciliary muscle during accommodation by means of optical coherence tomography (OCT).


University of Valencia, Spain


The device used for the captures was the Visante OCT. The patient, seated in front of the device, viewed a target placed at different vergences (0, -1, -2 and -3 D). A mirror attached to the system was used in order to allow the subject focusing the reference target. The ciliary muscle was imaged through the sclera, following methods previously reported. Several measurements were taken from each eye. Images saved from the instrument were exported to an external software in order to obtain the measurements. All the images were analysed using image segmentation algorithms.


The ciliary muscle variations were shown as the instrument target was set to different vergences at a given meridian angle. Intra-subject and inter-subject measurements were represented. Differences among all the evaluated conditions were summarized. Also, the effect of the parameters that define the segmentation algorithm, that enables the automatic identification of the ciliary muscle limits in the images, was analysed. This allowed to show the importance of defining proper segmentation features to provide good results.


Differences in the ciliary muscle were obtained at different accommodative states by means of OCT images and proper segmentation algorithms that enable automatic detection of the ciliary muscle limits. The tissue reflectivity and the light maximum penetration of the instrument light source might have an impact on the ciliary muscle characterization.

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