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Concordance between tear break-up time measured by slit lamp (TBUT) and non-invasive tear break-up time measured by Keratograph 5M (NIKBUT) in limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) patients

Poster Details

First Author: M. Caro Magdaleno SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Alfaro Juarez   J. Montero Iruzubieta   A. Munoz Morales   C. Spinola Munoz   A. Garcia Roldan   E. Rodriguez de la Rua Franch     

Abstract Details


To establish the correlation between TBUT and NIKBUT first in a sample of patients with LSCD.


We studied LSCD patients diagnosed according to Dua clinical criteria belonging to the Ocular Surface Unit of Virgen Macarena and Virgen del Rocio Hospitals (Seville, Spain).


On a first visit, TBUT was measured by slit lamp under blue light examination after staining with fluorescein 2% (with preservatives) during 10-30 seconds (Abelson technique). On a second visit, Keratograph 5M (K5M) examined NIKBUT first (time between a blink and the first disruption of Placido discs reflected in the tear film), NIKBUT average (average tear breakup time of all areas) and level of dryness based on NIKBUT. We used NIKBUT first for the analysis because is the most similar to TBUT. Means were analyzed, an intraclass correlation coefficient was applied and a Bland-Altman plot was generated.


NIKBUT first resulted significantly shorter than TBUT (p = 0.007). The intraclass correlation coefficient was 0.574 with a moderate degree of agreement (0.4-0.6), very close to good agreement (0.6). In the Bland-Altman plot, measures are adjusted to each other to form an horizontal line including all values between the average and 2 standard deviations.


NIKBUT first obtaines shorter values than TBUT due to earlier detection of tear film breaks by K5M in LSCD patients. TBUT and NIKBUT first correlate well with a moderate degree of agreement close to good agreement in LSCD patients.

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