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Capsulotomy size variations with femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

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First Author: C. Kranemann CANADA

Co Author(s):    A. Aguayo                    

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The purpose was to determine whether or not the size of the effective capsulotomy opening at the end of the case was corresponding to the size of the capsular cap removed and the predicted size when using femto assisted cataract surgery. And to determine whether or not any variations in size could be related to patient's age, lens size, axial length (AL) or anterior chamber depth (ACD).


This was conducted in the setting of a refractive surgery clinic in a prospective manner.


Prospectively 150 consecutive eyes undergoing femto assisted cataract surgery were consented and evaluated. All had preoperative topography, AL and ACD measurements, intraoperative lens thickness and volume estimations with OCT imaging, intraoperative capsular sizing based on analysis of video images and postoperative analysis of slit lamp retro-illuminations images.


All caps removed were within 0.1 mm of the predicted 4.8 mm diameter. The effective capsulotomy diameter at the end of surgery varied from 4.75 to 5.32 mm (P<.01) and 4.65 to 4.9 mm at 1 month postoperatively. A larger effective capsulotomy size was positively related to age (P<.03), axial length >25 mm (P<.01) and ACD >3.3 mm (P<.03). In all cases the capsulotomy was appropriately centred and decreased in size by month 1. A potential nomogram is being developed.


Certain biometric parameters might be predictive of variations in the effective capsulotomy size with femto assisted cataract surgery. Further study appears warranted to determine the clinical relevance of these findings.

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