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Analysis of the results of hyperopia laser correction by FemtoLASIK

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First Author: V. Kanyukov RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Co Author(s):    Y. Kanyukova   D. Ilyukhin                 

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To estimate the results of FemtoLASIK for the correction of hyperopic refractive errors.


The S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution Orenburg Branch, Orenburg, Russia


A retrospective analysis of surgical treatment of 25 patients (45 eyes), operated by FemtoLASIK for hyperopia (Hm) I-III degree and hyperopic astigmatism (HmAst), was carried out. The spheroequivalent before the surgery (without correction /with correction) was: Hm of I degree (0,3±0,12/0,8±0,15; n=10), Hm of II degree (0,2±0,1/0,7±0,15; n=13), Hm of III degree (0,05±0,03/0,5±0,22; n=8), HmAst (0,4±0,15/0,8±0,13; n=14). The corneal flap of 90 microns thickness was formed by femtosecond laser Femto LDV (Ziemer). Vision correction was performed with WaveLight EX500 Eximer Laser (Alcon).


At 1 year after FemtoLASIK surgery target refraction was achieved in the group with Hm of I degree - 87% of cases (0,79 ± 0,12), II degree - 75% (0,7 ± 0,11), III degree - 61% (0,53 ± 0,17). In the HmAst group the target refraction was hit in 53% of cases (0,75 ± 0,15). Average postoperative refraction value ± 1,0-2,0 D was attained in 15% of cases, ± 0,5-1,0 D - 65%, less than 0,5 D - 20%. Losing 1-2 lines of BCVA was noted in 3 cases (6.7%) in the groups with Hm of III degree (1) and HmAst (2).


FemtoLASIK is an effective and safe technology to provide high functional results in the correction of hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism. More predictable results are obtained in the groups with Hm of I degree and Hm of II degree. In the groups with Hm of III degree and HmAst it needs more accurate preoperative diagnosis and the introduction of correction factors in order to obtain more effective results.

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