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Clinical case of epithelial ingrowth after ReLEx SMILE surgery

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First Author: I. Dutchin RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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In ophthalmic literature there is a lot of messages on the results of femtolazer technology ReLEx Smile for myopia correction. However, reports about complications with this technology do not occur often, so it is interesting to present this clinical case. Purpose: illustration of a clinical case of epithelial ingrowth after femtolazer technology ReLEx Smile.


State Institution Eye Microsurgery Complex named after S.N. Fyodorov, Khabarovsk, Russia


Patient P., 1975. Diagnosis: stable chorioretinal moderate myopia in both eyes. 9/25/15 ReLEx Smile surgery (VisuMax) was performed on both eyes. The operation without complications. The patient was in outpatient treatment, instillation of antibiotic, dexamethasone, tear substitutes. Three hours after surgery patient came back to clinic complaining of severe pain in right eye. Objective: right eye visual acuity – 1.0. Cornea is transparent in center, on periphery at site of surgical incision epithelium partially lost, partially collapsed in an “apron”. With patient's words right eye watered strongly and patient got wet long and carefully the eye with handkerchief.


The patient was imposed soft contact lens and Corneregel. The next day after SCL removal: visual acuity of right eye – 1.0, cornea is transparent, incision zone is fully epithelized, deep into the interface zone small rounded inclusions extending up to 1 mm were defined. We decided to continue standard scheme of postoperative management. The patient was examined further in dynamics within 6 months. Throughout all observation period further growth of the epithelium deep into interface was not observed. Its localization in incision area on periphery does not interfere with high vision and did not disturb patient.


Epithelial ingrowth is the exception rather than the usual practice with this technique, and due to the direct mechanical action on the epithelium in the first hours after surgery. ReLEx Smile technology itself with minimal incision to 3.0 mm contributes to the fact that it is rather casus complication. However, it is necessary to admonish each patient, that the mechanical chafing of the operated eye is highly undesirable during the first days after surgery.

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