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Victus the versatile: our experience with first 100 procedures

Poster Details

First Author: L. Daniel Ponniah INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Agarwal                    

Abstract Details


To demonstrate the efficiency and reproducibility of femtosecond lasers in various aspects of cataracts, corneal flaps of LASIK and therapeutic procedures of cornea using a single, advanced and versatile platform, The Victus.


Prospective observational case series of the first hundred procedures with Victus femtosecond laser platform at Dr.Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, South India Authors dealt with a product of Technolas (B&L) but have no financial interests in this regard.


IRB approval & consent taken for femtosecond lasers, the new high-tech precision knife procedure by Victus, an universal platform with maximum frequency of 320KHz, works at 80KHz for cataracts and corneal therapeutics and 160KHz for LASIK flaps.Has a dual modality patient interface design with curved lens.Soft docking for capsulotomy and nucleolysis and regular docking for corneal procedures.Imaging is faster with 2S(Swept Source)OCT technology and tracking with video microscope. Indications were femtolaser assisted cataract surgeries (FLACS), LASIK flaps,penetrating keratoplasties, lamellar keratoplasties,therapeutic DALK, collagen cross linkages, intra corneal ring segments(ICRS), pouch for intrastromal antibiotics in refractory corneal ulcers.


First 100 procedures enrolled. FLACS- 22% (Mean capsulorhexis size 5.25mm, corneal incisions -2.2mm and 1mm, Nucleolysis- Radial+circular cuts,grid pattern in hard nucleus). LASIK flaps- 62% (Thickness 110-140 microns, diameter- 8.6 to 8.8mm). ICRS- 4% (double tunnel 75% deep,single incision for Intacs SK). Cross linkages- 3% (diameter 8.5mm, depth 140 microns with two incisions). Lamellar keratoplasties- 5% (upto 80-88% depth). Penetrating keratoplasties- 2% (single circular cut based on OCT) Theurapeutic lamellar keratoplasty-1% Theurapeutic pouch for intrastromal antibiotics in refractory corneal ulcer-1%. Adverse events: 2 cases(2%) had suction loss,of which 1 case had asynchrony of bed and rim.


Our experience of first hundred cases of femtosecond procedures had, 1.Taken Cataract procedures to a high level of refractive surgeries, 2.Created LASIK flaps with ease and maximal precision, 3.Redefined therapeutics procedures of Lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties,intra stromal ring segments,Cross linking of corneas,therapeutic DALK, intrastromal antibiotics in refractory corneal ulcers with excellent outcomes, All with a single versatile,universal platform of femtosecond laser unit.

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