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Changes in central corneal thickness in diabetic mellitus patients

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First Author: N. Prasad INDIA

Co Author(s):                        

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This study evaluates the changes in central corneal thickness (CCT) in subject with diabetes mellitus Type 2 & it's association with duration of this disease


Buddha Eye Care & Laser Centre & Rajendra Nagar Eye Hospital ,Patna , Bihar , India


Exclusion Criteria - corneal pathologies example pterygium,keratoconus, corneal degeneration , corneal dystrophies, contact lens user and any history of ocular surgeries Method - Anterior and posterior segment evaluation was done .corneal thickness assessment was done for 105 eyes of 53 non diabetic subject and 100 eyes of 50 diabetic subjects . Sonomed Pacscan Plus , an ultrasound pachymeter in multiple reading mode . Each corneal thickness considered in study was the average of 5 readings with standard deviation less than 0.003 mm


Mean corneal thickness 517.56 micron +/- 30.59 micron Non diabetic subjects- 513.22 +/- 30.81micron Diabetic subjects 524.26+/- 29.71micron Statistically difference was significant( two tailed P Value is 0.06 - Mann -Whitney test Diabetic > 10 yrs - mean CCT ( 544.64+- 34.78 micron ) Diabetic <10 yrs -Mean CCT ( 518.98 +/-25.38 micron DM <10 yrs/DM > 10 yrs duration - significant ( p value 0.002 ) Non diabetic / DM > 10 yrs duration - significant ( p value 0.021) Non diabetic / DM < 10 yrs duration ( 518.98+/- 25.38 was not ignificant ( p value 0.13)


A thickened cornea in diabetic patients , specially diabetic of longer duration, needs to be evaluated for its functional and morphological characteristic This is especially important in the pre operative work up (Cataract, Keratoplasty , Retinal ) , long time contact lens users or any other corneal pathologies Newer Tonometers based on corneal hysteresis shows shows higher values as corneal hysteresis is decreased in these patients Behaviour of ecstatic cornea in Type 1 DM patients

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