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The comparison of corneal biomechanical parameters in patients with delayed mustard gas keratopathy (DMGK), chronic corneal scars and normal population using the Corvis ST

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Co Author(s):    K. Jadidi   S. Mohazzab-Torabi   S. Pirhadi   S. Serahati   M. Nejat        

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Comparison of corneal biomechanical parameters which achieved by Corvis ST in 3 groups including delayed mustard gas keratopathy (DMGK), chronic corneal scars and normal cornea.


Bina Eye Hospital, Tehran, Iran.


This cross sectional study includes 45 eyes in three groups (25 OD, 20 OS). The mean age of 49.20±5.16, 60.40±22.92, 44.60±8.32 years in DMGK, Scar and Normal groups were recruited. The DMGK group didn’t have any past history of surgery, concurrent infection and systematic disease. A one-way ANOVA was conducted to compare the mean differences of biomechanical parameters including time of applanation1(AT1),length of applanation1(AL1),velocity of applantation1(AV1),time of applanation2(AT2),length of applanation2(AL2),velocity of applantation2(AV2),deformation amplitude(DA),peak distance (PD), Highest concavity Radius (HCR), Highest concavity time(HCT),Intraocular pressure (IOP) and central corneal thickness (CCT) which were measured using Corvis ST.


A one-way analysis of variance revealed significant differences between the groups in their mean of AT1, AT2, AV2, HCR, DA, IOP (P<0.001, P=0.048 for AV2). Post hoc comparisons using the LSD test indicated that the mean of AT1, AT2, HC, IOP for the DMGK group was significantly different than the scar and normal groups (P<0.001). The mean of AV2 and DA was statistically different between DMGK and scar (P=0.019) and DMGK and Normal groups (P<0.001), respectively. Nevertheless, the mean of CCT, PD, AL1, AL2, AV1,HCT and PD among all groups did not statistically differ.


This study showed that corneal stiffness significantly increased in DMGK group in comparison of chronic corneal scar and normal people. The IOP in DMGK group was significantly lower than other groups. Based on our results, there are significant differences between DMGK and other groups in several parameters, but difference between scar and normal groups are not significant.

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