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Evaluation of pre-Descemetic membrane sutures for treatment of acute corneal hydrops and the interest of peroperative OCT

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First Author: C. Temstet FRANCE

Co Author(s):    S. Ouanezar   N. Bouheraoua   E. Basli   P. Loriaut   V. Borderie   L. Laroche     

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To evaluate the effectiveness of pre-Descemetic sutures in the treatment of hydrops and the contribution of preoperative OCT.


Ophthalmic center in Paris. From November the first 2014 to May the first 2015.


We report three Keratoconic patients with acute hydrops, not resolved after a month of medical treatment. We treated them with 10-0 nylon pre-Descemetic sutures perpendicular to the axis of the descemetic break and injection of an air bubble in the anterior chamber. An analysis of the visual acuity, OCT central and maximum corneal thickness (CCT, Max CT) were performed preoperatively, at day 1,day 7, 1 month and 3 months. An analysis tracking the descemetic tear OCT preoperatively and intraoperative, the number of sutures needed and pain pre- and postoperative day 1 (Visual Analogue Scale, VAS), were performed.


Regarding Visual Acuity, all 3 patients improve their VA from Hand Motion preop to 0.5/20 (Snellen) at Day 1, remain stable after 1 and 3 months. Regarding CCT and Max CT, there was a decrease, from mean CCT 982+/-129 μm preop to 628+/-82 μm at day 1 and Max CT from 1154 +/- 135 μm preop to 852 +/- 108 μm at day 1, both decrease at one month and remain stable at 3 months. All 3 patients were painless at day 1. Intraoperative OCT permit visualization of Descemetic break for the 3 patients. Mean 6 sutures were needed.


Pre-Descemetic sutures and air bubble in AC are effective for the corneal oedema.Visual acuity remains low at 3 months, but an evaluation after rigid lenses adaptation will permit to assess the avoidance of keratoplasty. Intraoperative OCT helped to spot the Descemetic break in all cases and will permit fewer suture.

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