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Clinical case of rapidly progressive keratoconus treatment with extremely thin cornea patient

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First Author: I. Malyutina RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Co Author(s):    M. Danilchenko   R. Dolzhich   S. Yakovenko              

Abstract Details


To evaluate the microinvasive methodics of progressive 3d stage keratoconus treatment at patient with 400 microns corneal pachymetry.


'Excimer' Eye Clinic, Russia, Rostov-on-Don


In February 2015, the initial data were OD o,5 cyl-2,0 D ax 80=0,7;OS 0.5 cyl-2.0Д ах 80=0,7;OD Cyl-1.5Д ах 67;OS Sph-0.25 cyl-1.0Д ах121;OD К1 45.75 К2 43.50;OS К1 45.50 К2 45.75 OD 477μ m;OS 491μ m.The recommendation: corneal collagen cross linking OU.In july 2015 Vis OD 0.3cyl-3.0Д ах 80=0.4;Vis OS 0.8;OS Sph +0.25cyl-2.5Д ах 112; OD К1 54.50Д/К2 65.25; OS К1 44.50Д/К2 46.50Д. OD minimal pachymetry 408 μ m,OS- 461 μ m.Intracorneal ring segments were provided in both eyes. OD in 5 мм zone, 400 μ m depth,2 ring segments: 90°/160μ m,160°/300 μ m;OS 360 μ m- 1 segment:160°–200μ m.


Postop examinations were: Vis OD 0.15 ;Vis OS 0.8; Minimal pachymetry: OD 406μ m, OS 460μ m. Pentacam: in the right eye- optical zone flattering from 68.1D to 59.4D (Δ8.6D), there were no significant flattering in that eye but cornea achieved more regularity. We approached full parameters stability on the left eye during the whole observation period. Cornea melt from 408μ m to 357μ m were registered in right eye. Corneal collagen krosslinking suggested. Assuming extremely thin cornea and high risk of endothelium trauma, we decided to use Soosan Jacob and Amar Agarwal krosslinking method.


The full epithelization was achieved in 3 days postop, corneal edema resolved in 7th days after the procedure, during the first month intensive haze persisted, decreasing in 3 month period. In 1 week: 0,15; 1 month: 0,2; 3 month: 0,4; 6 month: 0,5; autokeratometry in 1 week :К1 65.75 D, К2 73.75 D; in 1 month К1 60.25Д, К2 68.75Д ; in 3 month К1 58.00Д, К2 61.00Д; in 6 month К1 56.25, К2 60.25. Corneal pachymetry : in 1 week 354μ m ; in 1 month 351μ m; in 3 month 361μ m; in 6 month 402μ m.

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