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Femtosecond laser-assisted surgery of keratoconus

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First Author: I. Iskakov RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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To assess an efficiency of femtosecond laser assistance for penetrated, lamellar keratoplasty and arcuate keratotomy in patients with keratoconus


Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Complex Eye Microsurgery named after Academician S. N. Fyodorov, Federal State Institution, Novosibirsk Branch, Russia


The study included 20 eyes with keratoconus. Penetrated (16 eyes) and deep anterior lamellar (4 eyes) keratoplasty and penetrated cut of cold storage donor corneas were performed by using FEMTEC 520F and VICTUS. Diameter of recipient bed was less 200 – 250 micron, than the donor one. Different bed energy, bed spacing were applied for cutting of recipient and donor cornea. The symmetric and non-symmetric arcuate femto keratotomy (11 eyes) was performed for correcting of postop corneal astigmatism. The arcuate keratotomy was performed by using VICTUS in 12 months after keratoplasty. Postop control included topography, OCT of transplanted cornea.


Femto laser assisted PK and DALK were effective in restoring a clear cornea with a good recovery 18 months after surgery. Postop OCT showed good approximation of transplanted and recipient cornea. The transplanted corneas were transparent in all eyes. High corneal astigmatism (mean 6,73±3,39 D) was observed in some eyes. The length, diameter and position of arcuate keratotomy were a function of topography dates. The depth of arcuate cuts was 90% of cornea thickness. The mean cornea astigmatism after femto keratotomy was 4,16±2,18 D. The mean BCVA before and after keratotomy did not change significantly. However, the subjective patients’ assessment of visual function was positive


Femto laser assisted PK and DALK techniques were effective and nonhazardous. Arcuate femto keratotomy particularly reduced the level of postop corneal astigmatism, which give a possibility for father laser correction by LASIC.

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