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Comparison of outcomes of DSEK and DMEK: case series of single surgeon

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First Author: J. Ashar INDIA

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To compare of outcomes of DSEK or DMEK


Mumbai Eye Care, Cornea and LASIK Centre, single surgeon, private clinic set up


Retrospective analysis of records of patients with DSEK/ DMEK from January 2013 to December 2015, with at least 3 months of follow up was included in the study. 89 cases of DSEK and 40 DMEK were analyzed. Each group was divided into two subgroups- the initial cases (as a part of learning curve) and later cases.The initial 20 DSEK cases were done for PBK (16) or Fuchs dystrophy (4).While the later 79 cases were done for PBK-46,Fuchs-8,TASS-3, ICE Syndrome-2, Failed graft-4,CHED-2,Bee sting- 1,Post glaucoma -3.DMEK was performed in initial 10 cases for PBK-3, Fuchs-3,ICE Syndrome-2,Post glaucoma -2.


The surgical problems in initial DSEK cases included Graft getting trapped in wound-2, Air trapping behind the iris- 4, Graft pushed out of the eye-1,Graft perforation during preparation-1. Complications included Primary graft failure- 4,Graft detachment- 2,Rejection -3, Pupillary block – 3. The complications in later cases were Primary graft failure-5, Graft detachment-1, Rejection-4. Surgical problems in intial DMEK cases included Tissue tear during preparation-1.Tissue popping of the wound-1, difficult unrolling-4. The complications included Graft detachment- 1,Primary graft failure- 2. Later 30 cases were performed for PBK in 15 and Fuchs in 15. In DSEK meantime to achieve clarity was 3 weeks while it was 7 days in DMEK. Mean BCVA in DSEK was 6/18 and 6/9 in DMEK


DMEK has a steeper learning curve than DSEK. Corneal clarity improves rapidly with DMEK compared to DSEK. With experience the complications can be decreased in both surgeries.

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