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Association of client satisfaction for eye services and vision-related quality of life three years after keratoplasty to manage keratoconus to the final visual outcome and its determinants

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First Author: S. Al-Swailem SAUDI ARABIA

Co Author(s):    B. Saad   R. Khandekar                 

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To assess the visual outcome, perception of patient regarding vision related quality of life (VQoL) and satisfaction towards eye services at least one year after keratoplasty to manage keratoconus (KC) at the largest tertiary eye centre in Saudi Arabia.


Retrospective cross-sectional study.


This study was undertaken in 2015 by reviewing charts of 97 KC patients between 2011 and 2013. Main outcome measures were: demography, Snellen Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), telephonically interviewing using VF 14 (Arabic) and client satisfaction form.


The age at diagnosis was 21.2 ±7.6 years. The BCVA was 20/20 to 20/40 in 42, 20/50 to 20/200 in 46 and <20/200 in 9 patients. The satisfaction was excellent in 55 and very poor in 11 participants. The interview for VQL was attended by 84 participants. The VQoL score was median 6 and 25% quartile 2 out of maximum 25. Mild grade of change in VQoL was noted in 75 (77%) participants while moderate change in VQoL was noted in 9 (9.3%) patients. Final BCVA was associated to VQoL (P = 0.004) and to patient satisfaction (P <0.001).


VQoL and patient satisfaction for services was dependent on final visual outcome following keratoplasty to manage keratoconus.

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